My First-Impression Review of I Scream Nails | Swatch & Review

Hi, Polished People, and welcome to my first blog post of 2021! January actually contains my threesixtynails anniversary, so that’s super exciting. I hope your new year is off to a wonderful start. Today, I’m sharing my written review of some beautiful polishes I got from the brand I Scream Nails. These were actually a gift from my parents, so, huge shoutout to them and thank you! If you haven’t already seen my video review of these, you can click right here to go watch. Now, let’s get on to the swatch pics!

This fun little number is called “Speck-a-holic” and is described by I Scream Nails as a “a pastel candy pink shade filled with rainbow speckle effect.” I loooove this polish. It applied so nicely with great glitter distribution and it looks like literaly tutti-fruity ice cream. Super cute and unique!

Next we have “Charmed” which is described by I Scream Nails as a “hot pink tinted base filled with mesmerizing opal flakes.” They also mention that this one has a thicker formula due to the opal flakes. It definitely does and is a little tricky to apply, but it would look so cool with a coat or two of glossy top coat!

Finally, we have one more opal-themed one. This one is called “Opal Obsession” and is described by I Scream Nails as having “rainbow opal flakes.” Again, they do mention that this one has a thicker formula. It was a little bit better than “Charmed,” and I would love to try this one over a variety of different polishes to change up the finish! Super pretty and versatile.

And that’s it for today’s little review! Again, for more of my thoughts, as well as live-application swatches, don’t forget to check out my YouTube review video by clicking right here.

Which of these was your fave? Have you ever tried I Scream Nails? Comment below!

Have a polished rest of your day,

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