3 Ways to Give your Holiday Mani a Boost

Hi, Polished People! If you’re bored of your current mani or not sure how to spice up your next one, this blog post is just for you. I’m sharing three easy ways to add some pizzazz to any manicure; beginner or pro, these are simple and fun. Let’s get into it…

1. Add some metallic accents

This one couldn’t be any easier. Choose your fave metallic polish (silver, gold, copper, etc) and add a full accent nail, some polka dots, stripes, whatever you like. This paired with your fave holiday color will look so festive and chic!

2. Mix and match colors

Red, green, and gold. Blue, silver, and gold. Purple, black, and copper. Endless possibilities! Trying out various skittles manicures (all different color nails/a polish pattern) can be such a fun way to experiment with holiday colors.

3. Experiment with 3D elements

Remember that pot of gems at the bottom of your drawer? Grab some cute embellishments, add top coat or nail glue, stick ’em on, and presto! An elevated and outgoing mani in just a few steps. You could add gems, studs, stickers, anything you like.

I hope you found this post helpful! What’s your current holiday mani? Comment below!

If you’re still looking for more holiday mani/nail art ideas, check out my YouTube playlist here to see a whole bunch of ideas from over the years.

Have a polished rest of your day,

Cali G.

I'm a nail artist, positivity/wellness enthusiast, and perpetual creative. I've been sharing nails and good vibes here in my corner of the Internet since 2017. Follow me @threesixtynails on social and check the Contact page if you want to get in touch. Have a polished rest of your day! ✨