31 Unique Nail Art Ideas (with something for everyone!)

Hi, Polished People! This past month, I completed my November-annual 31 Day Nail Art Challenge. As usual, it was…challenging…but very fun and I’m so happy with all the manicures I created. Today, since I have these thirty-one designs to share, I’ve compiled them in case you’re in need of some nail art ideas. Let’s check it out…

1. Twizzler Nails

This mani turned out so cute! I think candy is a really great inspiration source for nail art. Choose your favorite and go for it!

2. Pumpkin Cupcake Nails

A little more out-there, but definitely a cute option for fall nails! If you’re not a fan of pumpkin, choose another theme for your cupcakes.

3. Big Bird Nails

Choose your fave Sesame Street character and create a mani inspired by them!

4. Derry Girls Nails

I absolutely love this sitcom and have always wanted to create some nail art inspired by it. Choosing your fave show is an excellent way to get some mani ideas!

5. Once Upon a Time Nails

Another fave show idea!

6. Disney Descendants Nails

Disney fan? Choose a Disney movie to inspire your nail art! I love how this Disney Descendants mani turned out.

7. Grid Pattern Nails

Cute and simple!

8. Minimal Metallic Nails

Always a fun one with some minimal sparkle!

9. Skittle Nails

Another candy suggestion…

10. Sunrise Nails

Sunrise or sunset? Which is your fave?

11. Baby Deer Nails

I love this one! Choosing a cute animal is a sweet idea!

12. Minimal Gold Stripe Nails

Unique and simple!

13. Neutral Leopard Print Nails

My fave of the whole month! Leopard print is such an easy design to create, no matter your nail art experience level.

14. Abstract Drybrush Sunflower Nails

Choosing a favorite flower can be great inspiration. What can you do to make it unique or different?

15. Neutral Minimal Stripe Nails

Choose two polishes, add some details, and poof! Mani is done!

16. Half Square Nails

Could it get any more easy? This one looks really cool and is super simple.

17. Minimal Snowy Glitter Nails

This one is cute and great for winter!

18. Classic Half-Moon Nails

Throw it back with this classic mani…

19. Simple Sparkly Galaxy Nails

Super simple idea! Blue or purple polish + glitter polish = easy galaxy mani

20. Minimal “Fake Watermarble” Nails

If you’re not a fan of watermarbling (like me), this is a really simple option.

21. Cartoon Nature Nails

Choose something in nature (rocks, trees, flowers, etc) and add it to your mani!

22. Album Cover Nails

These nails are inspired by Unstable Pride from Dillon James. Choose your fave album cover and re-create it on your nails!

23. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Nails

I love Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Choose your fave movie and create a mani inspired by it…

24. The Captive Kingdom Nails

You may or may not know that my all-time fave book series is the Ascendance Series by Jennifer A. Nielsen. Book cover nail art is always so much fun!

25. Minimal Denim Nails

Choose something in fashion and re-create it in polish!

26. Minimal Polka Dot Nails

Self-explanatory. Super simple.

27. Abstract Artwork Nails

Ever see those fun wall art canvases in Home Goods? Yeah, that’s where this is coming from.

28. Distressed Drybrush American Flag Nails

Create an abstract version of your country’s flag!

29. Rumplestiltskin Nails

Another character from Once Upon a Time!

30. YouTube-Inspired Nails

This mani was inspired by the infamous CutePolish on YouTube. Watch a YouTube nail art tutorial if you’re stuck for ideas!

31. Instagram-Inspired Nails

This mani was inspired by @hallebnails on Instagram. Choose a nail design from the ‘gram and give it a go!

So there you have it; 31 unique and fun nail art ideas with something here for everyone. I hope you found an idea to spark your creativity! Let me know in the comments which of these was your fave.

If you’d like even more nail art ideas like this, click here to look through my nail art tutorial playlist on YouTube. I’ve been creating tutorials since 2017, so there’s plenty to explore. Enjoy!

Have a polished rest of your day,

Cali G.

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