Olive & June Fall 2020 Collection | Swatch & Review

Hi, Polished People! Today I’m sharing my swatch and review for the Olive & June Fall 2020 Collection. I’ll be posting my YouTube video featuring this collection on Tuesday, so you can click here when it’s available. In the meantime, you can check out some swatch pics and my brief review of each polish. Let’s get to it!

First up, we have “JO,” a beautiful sandy tan creme. This is one of four neutral shades in the collection. The formula felt a little bit stickier than the others, but it applied fine in three coats. If I’d done a better job with application, two coats might have been enough. Really nice nude/neutral shade!

Next is “MG,” one of my faves from the collection. This dusty, rosy tan/brown creme is so beautiful and would be so pretty on a variety of skin tones. This one applied great in two coats. Gorgeous!

Here we have “JJ,” a nice sort of earthy, chocolate brown creme. I heard Sarah Gibson Tuttle, founder of Olive & June, mention how a brown polish is chic. I agree! This one would be a great nude/neutral on dark skin tones and a lovely shade in general. Again, nice formula in two coats.

This one is also a fave of mine, it’s called “HGC.” This one is a super light and bright pastel whipped cream color with a hint of pink. This polish color reminds me of yogurt for some reason. Again, finished product probably would’ve been better if I’d applied it a little better, but this one was a little bit sticky too. I really like how this one looks on my nails!

Next is “LD,” a really pretty dusty apple-red creme. This is a nice summer-to-fall transition shade, especially if you’re not a fan of classic red nails for fall. This formula was great, applied nicely in two coats.

Finally, we have “WKF,” a nice camo-green creme. This one has a bit of a darker quality, something unique to my collection. Again, great in town coats, beautiful formula.

Overall, I’m super happy with this collection. If you’re a fan of neutral nails, these are the polishes for you. Most of the formulas were nice and once you get the hang of the Olive & June formula/application, you’ll be good to go. Overall, I’ve learned if you apply one thin coat, wait a few minutes, then add a bit of a thicker second coat, that’s the way these apply best. Depending on the type of shade, you may need three coats, but following those steps will ensure good coverage.

Which of these was your fave? Leave a comment below!

*Thank you Olive & June for gifting me this collection. This is not sponsored, all opinions are my own.*

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