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Hey, there, Polished People! Today on Sunshine Sessions, we’re chatting with well-known YouTuber and founder of Kindful Co., Hannah Weir. Let’s get into it!

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Good morning, Hannah! I’m so happy to have you here on our digital talk show. Here’s a virtual armchair and a virtual mug. Let’s get started with some biz questions. When did you first dream up Kindful Co. and/or your YouTube channel?

I started my YouTube channel over 5 years ago, because I had so many requests from followers to make tutorials on YouTube. I had been doing nail art blogging and sharing my nail art designs on Instagram for a number of years before that. My social media has since evolved to being more about mindfulness and creativity since, as I have grown and evolved. 

The idea for Kindful co. came to me while I was in a hypnotherapy session. I was going through a difficult time and had been feeling lost, uninspired and unsure of my purpose. Then it hit me – mindfulness is the one thing that helps me in every aspect of my life. So I decided I wanted to create a platform to share the tools and techniques I had learnt to help others cope with the stresses of everyday life. 

That’s awesome. What inspired you to start this business?

Mindfulness and meditation has positively changed my life in so many ways. I used to be someone who always had to be ‘busy’ and ‘achieving’ things. Learning how to slow down and become more mindful has helped me to reduce stress and live with less anxiety. I was inspired to share what I had learnt about mindfulness and meditation, to show people that there is another way to live. 

So inspiring! What’s the story behind the name of your company?

Kindful co. is all about helping people to live a more mindful life. Part of that is becoming more mindful of our actions, thoughts and daily habits. Kindness is my number one value, and something I try to bring to every aspect of my life. So that’s how I came up with the name Kindful co – it’s all about sharing messages of kindness, mindfulness, inspiration and positivity. 

Kindness is so important to me too. That’s wonderful that you’re sharing all of this with your audience. So, what’s your favorite quote/piece of inspiration you’ve posted on Kindful Co.’s Instagram?

Kindful co.’s social media is still in its infancy and I have a lot more content planned for the next few months (stay tuned!) However, it’s been really fulfilling to share some of the tools and techniques I’ve learnt over the years through my meditation teacher studies and my own practices.

That’s great. What are your favorite things about your brand?

The purpose and mission. I am so passionate about mindfulness and meditation. People often feel intimidated when first trying meditation. They think “I can’t do it”, or that it’s not for them. There are so many myths and misconceptions. The truth is we all have an innate ability to find calm. This is something I want to help break down the barriers to, and make it more accessible and less confronting. 

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That’s an awesome mission. Now, let’s move on to some more personal questions. What’s your favorite color to wear on your nails? What is your favorite nail art trend right now?

Pink! Pretty much every mani I do at the moment is a combination of different shades of pink. I’m obsessed. I’m loving the skittle mani trend. I find it’s a really great way to mix up your manicure. Why do just one shade when you can do five? Haha. 

Fun! What is your favorite way to meditate?

It depends how I’m feeling and what kind of meditation I need in the moment, but usually I prefer to lay down. I find it’s the easiest way for my body to completely relax, as I’m most comfortable. That’s something I learnt in my meditation teacher training, is that there is no right or wrong way to meditate. It’s all about finding what’s most comfortable for you. 

So true. If you had to choose one Kindful Co. prompt/quote to be stranded on an island with, what would it be?

I think one of my favourite quotes I’ve shared on Kindful Co. so far is one from Glennon Doyle – “The only things that you really need are the things that can’t be taken from you”. This reminds me that we already have everything we need within us. So often we search for meaning and validation in external things. We look to others for answers, when our greatest guide is already within us; our intuition. This is something I always come back to. 

That’s a spectacular quote! So, what is your favorite thing about being an entrepreneur?

I wouldn’t really call myself an entrepreneur just yet – perhaps an aspiring one! However, I am really drawn to the freedom that comes with entrepreneurship. I am inspired by the idea of working for myself and getting to wake up every day doing something on purpose and that I am passionate about. 

That’s the goal, I agree! What advice would you give to someone who’s interested in starting a business like this or running their own company, Instagram, YouTube channel, etc?

There are so many things! But the main piece of advice I would give is to know your why and to do it for you, particularly when it comes to creative pursuits. Starting anything new is challenging when no one knows about you in the beginning. This is why it’s so important to know why you’re doing it. There’s no such thing as an overnight success. It can take years and years of consistently putting in the work, day in and day out before you see any results. You have to be creating for yourself first, because it’s something you love, and forget about the numbers. They will come in time.

Fantastic advice! Thank you for visiting us at Sunshine Sessions, Hannah!

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Yet another super-special interview. I’ve been watching Hannah’s YouTube channel for so many years. Her videos actually inspired me to learn handlettering and start a bullet journal, so it was very cool to chat with her today! I hope you enjoyed hearing Hannah’s story!

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