China Glaze Trolls World Tour Collection

Hi, Polished People! I had a bunch more details to add to my recent review of this new China Glaze collection, so I figured I would throw together a blog post to go with it. Let’s take a look at these gorgeous polishes…






So, this first polish I’m sharing with you is “Funky Beat,” this beautiful grape soda/orchid cream. I was really impressed by the formula of this one; good coverage, even application, etc. And it’s great in two coats. This one ended up being a favorite of mine from the collection! I love the color and I think it’s great for any season.

Next we have “No-Holds Barb,” a really interesting light cherry-red [almost] jelly polish. This one doesn’t have a complete jelly formula, but it’s definitely not a crelly. It’s very glossy and has that great “gummy bear” texture when it’s applied. This one looks beautiful in two coats and is that perfect statement color for summer!

This one is called “Delta Darlin'” and it’s a peach yogurt color with a strong orange undertone. This one is great if you’re not a fan of tons of color, but still don’t want a super-neutral/nude polish. Once again, great formula, applies nicely in two coats. This one is actually a unique cream polish, I don’t have one quite like it in my collection.

Next up is a very interesting one; this is “It’s All Techno,” a nice lemon-lime/chartreuse shade. This is the perfect glowy polish to help you jump into spring! It doesn’t have the best formula, but it applies decently in two coats. I really like this one! It’s not a color you see very often, so I’m happy China Glaze included it.

This next one is beautiful and maybe the most unique out of the entire collection. Here we have “Chill Symphonyville,” a frosty light blue shimmer. And this one dries matte! The formula didn’t work great for me on its own, but I’ve seen other nail enthusiasts have luck getting it to be full-coverage. I can’t wait to see how this one looks over other polishes! It’s beautiful!

Our final polish for today is my other fave from the collection. This is “Pink-in-Poppy,” a glowy Barbie pink glitter that builds up into a stunning sparkly finish. This one is another amazing statement color for warmer weather and is such a great polish for every skin tone. I’m really happy that China Glaze managed to come up with a unique pink like this; I know it’s hard with so many pink polishes in the world, but they created this beauty!

So, that does it for all these pretty polishes. As I mentioned in the video, there are two more polishes in this collection that didn’t come in the set I bought, so if I come across those at a later date, I’ll expand this review.

Which of these polishes was your favorite? Will you be investigating this collection? Leave a comment below.

I hope you’re all having a great week and I’ll see you soon for another blog post. And stay tuned for my new nail polish haul video, coming this Friday on my YouTube channel at 4pm EST!

Have a polished rest of your day,


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