Hello, Polished People! I’m so glad I was finally able to put a review together for this gorgeous collection for you guys. Let’s jump right it!

Firstly, you can watch my swatch and review YouTube video here, then I’ll show you pictures and details. Enjoy!

Now, onto pics…



This is “Low-Maintenance” and it is a really pretty light beige nude/neutral color that matches my skin tone almost perfectly. It’s good in two coats and isn’t too thin. Perfect palette-cleanser between Winter and Spring!

“Get Fit”

Ooh, this one’s pretty! “Get Fit” is a light mauve rosy pink that is a very unique pink shade to my collection. It’s great in two coats and has a formula similar to the previous polish.

“Barre Hopping”

“Barre Hopping” is a beautiful pastel orchid creme that’s perfect and sweet in two coats. Super lovely for nail art!

“At Your Athleisure”

This is “At Your Athleisure” and it is the perfect turquoise/aqua Tiffany-like blue with a fabulous two coat application. Great for warm-weather manis.

“Werk It Honey”

My recent favorite yellow! “Werk it Honey” is good in two to three coats and has a very nice formula. Highly recommend this if you’ve been looking for an awesome yellow!

“Pilates Please”

This polish is just peachy. 🙂 “Pilates Please” is a lighter color so it will take up to three coats to get opaque, but it will be really lovely on many skin tones.

“Athlete Chic”

I would describe this as a carrot coral that has a thicker jelly formula that performs mostly like a creme. There was a coral polish in last year’s collection, but that one was lighter than “Athlete Chic,” so if you’re a polish collector, you can probably justify having both. 😉

“Bodysuit Yourself!”

Another beauty! This really bright pinkish-red with slight silver shimmer. It’s good in two coats and has nice coverage.


This really soft periwinkle cornflower blue with slight pink shimmer is really nice for Spring. “Glamletics” has a thinner formula that’s good in two to three coats. You can’t quite see the shimmer on the nail, but it does give it a nice slight pearl finish.

“Activewear, Don’t Care”

“Activewear, Don’t Care” has a pretty much jelly formula, but it covers well in two coats. It’s a nice tropical-yet-dusty greenish-teal that looks great in the sunlight!

“Girl on the Glo”

Like I said in the video, I have a new appreciation for this beauty! I swatched this polish several weeks ago when I first got it, but then when I swatched it again for the video, saw it under my lighting, and it was soooo much prettier. The shimmer in the champagne gold base is so beautiful!

“Get It Right, Get It Bright”

Perfect fairy/ethereal polish, coming right up! “Get it Right, Get it Bright” is a more unique polish from China Glaze as it’s your perfect lavender with lots of reddish-pink flakie shimmer. Might get all over when you remove, but if you wash your hands after, it’ll be worth it. 🙂

And that does it for all these beautiful polishes! Let me know in the comments which ones were your favorites and if you will or have pick(ed) up any of them!

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Have a polished rest of your day! 🙂

– Cali, host of threesixtynails 💅🏻

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