31 Day Challenge 2017 ~ Day 16: Geometric – 1,600+ followers on Instagram?! Thank you!!

Hi, Polished People! Before we begin, thank you to all my lovely followers on Instagram for getting us to 1,600+ followers! Okay, here are my nails for today’s prompt…

Today’s prompt was “Geometric,” so I put together these beautiful stained glass nails with lots of sparkle and glitz. If you want to know how I did it…

I grabbed “Songbird Serenade” by China Glaze, “Radiant Red” by Mary Kay, “Loot the Booty” by essie, “Lucky Charming” by Pure Ice, “Highlighter” by Formula X for Sephora, and my striper brush. I outlined my shapes (any shapes you want) with shimmery black and then added color with red, blue, green, and yellow; mostly jewel-toned shades. Finish with top coat!

If you have any ideas for Day 17 (Glitter), Day 18 (Half Moons), and/or Day 19 (Galaxies), let me know in the comments!

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Have a polished rest of your day! 🙂

– Cali, host of threesixtynails

Cali G.

I'm a nail artist, positivity/wellness enthusiast, and perpetual creative. I've been sharing nails and good vibes here in my corner of the Internet since 2017. Follow me @threesixtynails on social and check the Contact page if you want to get in touch. Have a polished rest of your day! ✨


  1. FANTASTIC!!! Such WONDERFUL colors!!! Congratulations on 1600 too!!! I’m stumped on what to try for galaxies but I’ll keep thinking!!!

    1. Cali, host of threesixtynails

      Thank you so, so much, Joe! ☺ ✨❤️

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