Hi, everyone! I’m so excited about today’s post because I’m reviewing a bunch of goodies from Chill Zone Nails!! As you may remember if you visited Nail Buzz last month, I interviewed Mike and Victor Homma, the founders of Chill Zone Nails. As a part of the collaboration, the company was also so kind to send me a box of products to review! Let’s get into it! 🙂

The footage I got of my un-boxing wasn’t so good this time, so I didn’t include it in the video below, but I am talking about all the fun stuff that came in the package. Watch the video for the live swatches and *review, then read below for more details. Enjoy!

*not sponsored by Chill Zone Nails

I really enjoyed the Chill Zone polishes I was sent. My favorite is “Tall Glass of Red”; I’m actually still wearing it paired with “Strawberries in My Champagne” in the beautiful manicure that you saw in the video! These all had pretty good formulas, but “Tall Glass of Red” was my favorite in just one to two coats. The brush is a good size and the cap is a comfortable hold. I like the shape of the bottles; they’re sleek and modern, very pretty.

Onto their “nail care” system consisting of the premium base coat, premium top coat, and premium tip capper, as well as their newest addition, a nail dehydrator. I didn’t include the nail dehydrator in this review, because I don’t believe it’s been formally released yet. But now you have a sneak peek! I also didn’t include the tip capper in the video, however, I will use it the next time I need to wear a mani for longer than a week. 🙂 I’m really, really happy with their top and base coat, as I haven’t had a good base/top coat to use in over a month. After three days of wear, I’ve only got one tiny chip, and my mani is still super glossy. Plus, their base coat is a little bit color-correcting with its milky color, so that’s fantastic! In a 1-5 scale, I give this whole package a 4.9!!!!

This nail company deserves so many more followers/subscribers than it already has, so be sure you go follow them on Instagram and all their other social media to support their innovative brand! Overall, I think Chill Zone nails is fantastic I’m going to use all the lovely goodies they sent me for so many nail projects. Highly recommend this brand!

A big thank you to Chill Zone Nails for sending me their fun products to review! And a big thank you to Dana (super sweet lady!) for working with me on this review! You can purchase a bundle of products from Chill Zone HERE (P.S. They’re having a 15% off sale on all their pink polishes this month!) and read their article on Nail Buzz HERE.

Also, since we’re so close to hitting 1,500 followers on Instagram, I’m revealing another item in the big giveaway! Chill Zone Nails sent me an extra bottle of “Sea Goddess Within”, and, as much as I adore this polish, I know I don’t need two. So, I want to give a brand new bottle to one lucky winner! Remember, this giveaway only happens once we hit 1,500 followers on IG and 100 subscribers on the blog. We’re only at 36 blog subscribers, so be sure you’re subscribed and spread the word!

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Have a polished rest of your day! 🙂

– Cali, host of threesixtynails

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