Good morning, guys! Wondering what you should be doing as a beginner nail art YouTuber? I’ve got 5 tips for you on how to get started and what you can do. Let’s go!

So, here’s my general advice from the FAQ page and the tips are below. Hope you find some helpful info!

“For YouTube channels: Choose a schedule for your videos to go up; viewers appreciate a solid upload schedule. Post videos that you enjoy and that you hope others will enjoy! Remember that it takes time to build up subscribers, so give your channel time to gain subscribers, viewers, and likes; hundreds of followers don’t happen overnight! Choose some of your favorite YouTubers who have channels related to yours and list their channels on your channel. Make sure you have a structured about and list a business inquiries email. Altogether, just have fun!”

#1 – Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

Subscribers really like to know when you’re posting new content and they want to know that you’re consistent. Take my schedule for example: I post two to three times per week, generally on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Lay out a video posting schedule for yourself that doesn’t over-schedule or stress you out. This’ll help subscribers rely on you and keep coming back for new videos!

#2 – Video Quality and Camera vs. Phone?

There’s so much love and hard work that goes into making a good video. To start, find a video editor that you like and find easy to use. Once you’ve learned more about YouTube and making videos, you can try a more advanced and complicated editor. Also, don’t worry if you want to make videos and don’t have a fancy camera; you can totally use your phone! Find a way to prop it up or buy a phone tripod and you’re all set. So keep all this in mind when putting a video together and posting; you don’t have to post something you’re not proud of just to post something, so take your time and put together content you enjoy and think others will enjoy.

#3 – Does it belong on my channel?

You’re starting a nail-centric YouTube channel. Now, you may have other talents/hobbies/interests such as crafting, makeup design, cooking, or maybe you’re a fan of a TV show. But those hobbies don’t belong on your channel. One exception: If one of these has something to do with nail polish/art like nail polish bottle cookies or a homemade nail polish shelf, those may belong on your channel. If your channel has a specific theme of nail design, it may confuse your audience by posting non-nail-videos in with your nail videos. If you really adore another hobby that you want to share, start another channel for it! Problem solved! 🙂

#4 – Negativity

Everyone with an online profile is someone that can receive negativity against their content. Do not worry and do not stress if you get a rude comment on your channel or if your video gets a thumbs down. If you get a rude/spam comment, simply delete and ignore it. Don’t reply. If you’re a minor, be sure you show a parent or trusted adult to let them know. If you get a thumbs down, don’t worry. If you know that your video had good content and good quality, you have no reason to care about the thumbs down. Everyone is bound to get dislikes on their videos at some point; it happens to everyone. If any negativity ceases to stop or gets really bad–and tips the scale of your kind and real subscribers–contact YouTube or, again, if you’re a minor, tell a parent or trusted adult so they can help you.

#5 – Subscriber Numbers and Getting Started

Not one YouTuber with hundreds/thousands/millions of real subscribers gained them all overnight. It takes time for people to discover your channel and for you to gain a following. Relax, create nice and interesting content that you and your audience enjoy, and have lots of fun first and foremost!

I hope you found some helpful tips/advice here! If you have other nail YouTuber questions, comment below!

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Have a polished rest of your day! 🙂

– Cali, host of threesixtynails

Written by

Cali G.

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