Good afternoon, everybody! I had an idea for a post last week and I knew I had to put it together. Everyone’s polish taste/preference is different and unique, and Fall can be a difficult season to wear colors for those who don’t like dark colors, neutral/nude shades, and/or matte nails. My favorite nail polish season is Summer and that’s still where my head is while polish shopping. So, I’ve been making an effort to pick out Fall polishes that are still colorful but aren’t so bright and Summery. And I want to help you out if you’re like me and don’t generally go for Fall colors. I plan on doing a post like this next Summer as well, so if you do like dark and neutral shades and have a hard time pulling off Fall colors, stick around ’til next year and I’ll help you out! Now, let’s get into it.

First, I’ve got one that you’ll recognize if you visited the blog this Monday: “With the Beet”. Yes, this is a darker color, but, being someone who adores Summer colors, one of the only dark colors I go for is burgundy/maroon, and this does it for me. I think this is a great starter to your Fall polish season/collection. If you follow me on Instagram (@threesixtynails), you may remember this beautiful manicure I created with this polish. My first mani of Fall!

Now we have “Applejack of My Eye”, also a friend from Monday. If you really like bright reds and bright colors for Summer, this is your go-to for Fall. It has enough apple in it that it’s not blinding and it really is an ideal Autumn red. As I said this week, it has a beautiful formula and is great for everybody with any skin tone!

Another gorgeous goodie coming now! “Cashin’ Out” from Ever Glaze by China Glaze is for all the nail enthusiasts (or those who like to have something nice on their nails) who are all about the holos all Summer long. Think you can’t wear holographic polish in the Fall? You totally can! This beautiful green has a surprising bounty of holographic glitter that’ll satisfy your holo-sweet-tooth until the warm weather comes back. It’s also neutral enough for the office!

Who’s ready for pumpkin spice everything?! I am! This polish reminds me a little of pumpkin spice for some reason, now that I think about it. I actually wasn’t a huge fan of this polish when I first purchased it, but I think I like it now! This is “Accent Piece” from the Street Regal Fall 2017 Collection by China Glaze. It’s actually hard to describe, but it’s like a light dusty orange with a spatter of gold and lots of shimmer. Very cute!

Finally, here’s “Ivanka” by Zoya, a STUNNING emerald green shimmer that is just jewel-toned enough for Fall but is bright enough for the Summer fans. This is really pretty and is quite flakie-like, so it’s easy to remove but will stick to the skin. Highly recommend! So lovely!

I hope these polishes gave you some ideas for what bright-ish polishes you can get away with this Fall season! As I said, I will have two of these posts for warm months (Spring and Summer) and cool months (Fall and Winter) in the future. Have a fun and safe season!!

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Have a polished rest of your day! 🙂

– Cali, host of threesixtynails

Written by

Cali G.

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