Good early-afternoon, everyone! Again, thank you so much to all my wonderful followers on Instagram for helping @threesixtynails reach 1,400! This community is so amazing and the many lovely nail artists I’ve connected with are so supportive and kind. So, in honor of this fabulous milestone, I’m doing a Nail Art/Polish Q&A! I posted on Instagram to ask you to comment or DM any nail-related questions you’d like me to answer, and I picked a whole bunch to answer in today’s blog post. Let’s get into it!

I’ve listed all the questions and answers below. If I didn’t answer a nail question you asked or if you thought of some more, leave a comment! Enjoy!

Why did you start threesixtynails/what is the story behind threesixtynails?

Let’s begin at the beginning. 🙂 I started blogging back in August 2016. It was super small and I had it in a Google Doc to share with friends. I had created that blog in collaboration with a company that wanted to start creating their own nail polish. However, the polish manufacturing was canceled, and the blog no longer had much to do with the company’s theme. I ended that blog in early January 2017. And then came the idea of my own website/blog on a much bigger scale! I started this blog/website and Instagram in late January 2017, and the site’s and @threesixtynails’ birthday is January 23rd, 2017. (Quick fact: The blog is almost at its 9-month anniversary!!) The theme I decided on (after choosing a name) was all things nails. Not just a nail tech site; not just a nail art tutorial YouTube; not just a polish swatching Instagram; I wanted to incorporate it all. So I did! I created a destination for all things nails and I adore offering so many forums for nail enthusiasts all around the world! 🙂

When/How did you fall in love with/start creating nail art?

Like so many millions, I discovered nail art through the CutePolish YouTube channel. From what I remember over a year ago, I was going to a special event and I realized I wanted to do my nails–then I looked in my drawer and saw I had very limited colors and not very high-quality polishes. Sometime in the next month, I used what colors I had and received a bunch of nail polish gifts from family to create simple manicures. (Fun fact: My first-ever top coat was a gift from my mom. 🙂 ) More nail art tutorials came along and I started following along. Then I started blogging, creating my own designs, and sharing details of my favorite products. I haven’t stopped since! Nail art is such a fun way to create unique designs that express your style and I have learned so much from this amazing community and industry!

Why do you like to do nails/create nail art?

It’s fun! Like I said, I really enjoy expressing my style and creating unique designs. It’s also so amazing when you have a beautiful manicure/design on your nails that you’re really proud of, and someone says, “I like your nails! Do you do them yourself?” I know many nail artists can relate to this. 🙂 It’s so nice to share nail polish and art on my blog/YouTube/Instagram and I adore sharing my nail art with people! You have ten canvases on your nails, so why not fill them up? 🙂 

Where does most of your inspiration come from?

Everywhere!! Literally. Nature, desserts, kawaii things, seasons, fashion, other people’s nail art, jewelry, brands, TV/movies/books; see? About 99% of everything in the universe inspires me to create nails!

If you  had the opportunity to do a celebrity’s nails, who would it be?

Ooh, good question. Can I pick two? No, okay. Well, as you all know, based on this nail art series, I am a HUGE fan of Disney Descendants. I would like to do Sofia Carson’s nails. She has great style and I know she likes classic and fun fashion. I would design a set for her with a lot of red, neutral, black, and chrome colors to create a modern-yet-classy manicure that would match any outfit during her busy days.

What innovations do you see on the horizon for the nail industry?

Lots! One of them is detachable/interchangeable magnetic nail charms. They come in so many styles and are super trendy! Another is the so-called “Russian Manicure”, the system of e-filing to create a clean cuticle frame. Hmm… oh! I also see a lot of geode nails coming into the spotlight, with their dramatic colors, textures, and inlays. So beautiful!

What are your favorite Indie and Mainstream nail polish brands?

My favorite mainstream, although I adore all the amazing ones, is China Glaze. I always look forward to all their fab collections because they’re so unique and cohesive. Their brush is not my favorite, but their colors and mixes are so colorful and gorgeous! My favorite indie brand, again although I adore all the amazing ones, is Cupcake Polish. Their polishes are so stunning and so wild in their mixes (especially the holographics!) and bases–they are so beautiful and each one is really special!

What are your nail tools/products that you cannot live without?

First off, definitely nail polish remover/acetone. It’s one of the worst nail artist feelings when you’re starting a manicure or doing swatches and you have less than a centimeter of acetone left. Ugh. Another few are a slanted brush for manicure cleanup, Q-tips, white nail polish, detailing brush, and top/base coat. Obviously, I could “live without” all this stuff, but as a nail artist, these are the things I can’t live without. ☺

What is your favorite “warm” season color? Likewise, what is your favorite “cold” season color?

For warm seasons (Spring and Summer) it’s probably hot pink. I have a bunch of favorite bright/hot pinks that are hard to pull off in the colder months. It’s such a bright pop of color and is perfect for hot weather! My favorite cold season color is burgundy. I would say orange, but that’s more of a year-round color for me. I adore wearing a deep burgundy/red during cold months. So beautiful!

What’s your least favorite color to wear on your nails?

Black. I almost never wear black nail polish. It has the tendency to stain and it’s just not a flashy color in my opinion. Sometimes, I like it glossy or matte for Halloween or something. I like it better on other people.

What is/are your favorite stores to purchase nail polish/products?

In stores, definitely Sally Beauty. They always have the newest collections, great sales, and TONS of nail stuff. Online, it would be Whats Up Nails. They have a great selection of nail art tools like silicon mats and magic effect pigment, and their shipped items are always in good condition.

What’s the hardest nail technique/design to create?

For me, it’s either water marble or super-fine detailing. I’ve done water marbling a bunch of times, but lately, it just hasn’t been going well. I’ve tried using a ceramic mug, I use filtered and room-temp water; it’s difficult to get just right. Super-fine detailing is difficult because sometimes I don’t have a good way to steady my hand. Often, it goes well, but not always.

Is it hard to make nail art/swatch/tutorial videos?

Hmm…I’d actually have to say yes. To create a nail video, you first have to figure what you’re going to record (nail art, swatches, etc.) and then find a quiet time to video it. Next, you have to upload the video clips and edit them together in a video editor. Then, I have to add titles, captions, and a voiceover. Finally, it’s time to put it up on YouTube where I then have to put together the description box, add links to the products I used, and add the end screen annotations/cards. It’s a pretty long process, but it can be and fun and totally worth it once you see the great video you’ve put together. 🙂

Do you meet many nail artists/techs?

I do! I’ve connected with so many amazing and lovely nail artists through Instagram and I’ve met a couple of nail techs in person. The industry and community, as I said, is so wonderful, supportive, and inspiring! You learn something new every day!

What would you recommend/what advice would you give to a person wanting to get into nail design?

Create designs that you love, use colors you love, and have fun! I have a blog post that outlines the basic polishes you’ll need as a beginner and forever (you can read it HERE), and you can check out my YouTube channel–and the ones I feature–to start off with some easy nail art tutorials. It’s okay if your cuticle cleanup isn’t perfect at first, or if your polish application is a little thick, or if your designs aren’t as detailed as you’d like; it literally takes lots of practice, but practice in this art is different than other kinds of practice. This kind of practice isn’t labeled as “practice” all the time; it’s simply whenever you do your nails–you get better and better as you go, and you’ll be expressing your style no matter what! Practice makes polished! 😉

And a final fun fact:

It has been said that professional chefs generally don’t dislike any food/flavor and appreciate all the different elements in food. That’s how I am with nail polish; there isn’t one color I dislike on my skin tone or my nails. I will wear any color/shade of polish and I think every nail polish is its own kind of beautiful! 💅🏻

I had such a great time answering all these fabulous questions! It was so much fun! I hope this helps you to get to know me and my nail art story better. 🙂 Don’t forget, when we hit 1,500 followers on Instagram and 100 blog subscribers, I’m hosting an AWESOME giveaway, so be sure you’re following and subscribed. Here’s a sneak-peek of two items that will be in the giveaway:

Yay! I’m looking forward to the giveaway! As mentioned, if you’ve got any other nail-related questions, comment below. See you soon and thanks again for 1,400!!!! ❤️

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Have a polished rest of your day! 🙂

– Cali, host of threesixtynails

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