Good morning, everybody! If you’re heading back to school, you’ve got to get back into a nail routine; plus, you certainly don’t want to be caught at school with a broken nail or chipping nail polish (oh, the horror! ☺ ). So, I’ve compiled a guide of nail emergency kit essentials that you’ll need while at school. These are also handy for the office! Let’s begin!

To start, you’ll need something compact and cute to keep your emergency supplies inside. Grab a box that you have lying around (shoe box, plastic pencil case, etc.) or buy an inexpensive one. You can direct it however you like! I DIYed mine and personalized it. 🙂

Here’s the full list of items that should be in your box, then we’ll get into details and scenarios for the items:

1. Nail Glue

2. Fake Nails

3. Nail File

4. The Nail Polish you’re Currently Wearing

5. Band-Aids

6. Cuticle Nippers

7. Cuticle Pusher

8. Nail Polish Remover Wipes

9. Cuticle Butter/Oil

10. Hand Cream

Scenario: The Nail Break/Rip

Supplies: Nail Glue, Fake Nails, and the Nail Polish you’re Wearing

So, it happens; you’re opening your locker or car door and *gasp* your nail snaps/rips! Phase one: ow. Phase two: darn. Phase three via the threesixtynails Nail Emergency kit: no problem! Once you’re inside, or while you’re at your locker, place the ripped nail flat against the intact part. Put a little bit of glue and it’ll be all good ’til you get home.

Now, let’s say your nail didn’t rip. Ugh, it snapped right off! There’s two options with two items that you need in your kit: Band-Aids or a fake nail and nail file. If the break is so bad that it’s bleeding or is just really sore, put one Band-Aid over your nail from your knuckle to the other side of your finger. Then put a second around it to hold it. If the nail is okay, you can simply grab your nail glue and fake nails. Apply a nail (preferably one that matches your current nail shape and length) and then throw on a coat of the polish you’re wearing. If you don’t think you’d have that kind of time, simply have some fake nails that match your mani in your kit.

Scenario: The Midday Dry Cuticles and Hands

Supplies: Cuticle Butter/Oil, Hand Cream, (optional) Cuticle Pusher, and (optional) Cuticle Nippers

Oh no! It’s only halfway through your day full of pop quizzes, chemistry adventures, and essay practice or your day full of meetings, filing, and phone calls, and your hands and cuticles are feeling dry. First, get the hand cream from your emergency kit and moisturize your hands when you have a minute. Massage it in well and dab off excess on a paper towel or lightly on your sleeve. Now grab the cuticle butter/oil and massage it into your cuticles. If you bring oil, I recommend bringing a pen and not a bottle; you don’t want to risk it spilling in your box! If you want and have enough time, now’s a good time to push your cuticles if necessary (I don’t recommend pushing them more than once or twice a week) or pluck off any hangnails that may have popped up during the day.

Scenario: The Polish Chip

Supplies: The Nail Polish you’re Wearing and Nail Polish Remover Wipes

Yikes! You scratched up your nail in your purse or backpack and now your pretty mani has a chip in it! Don’t worry. You brought the polish you’re wearing in your emergency kit. Also, if you’re wearing nail art, just bring one or two of the base colors with patch up chips or to put on a fake nail. So, patch up the chip and you’re all set! If for some wild reason, your entire nail peeled off, wipe off the left over flakes with a remover wipe and throw on a quick coat of the polish. All done!

Remember, if you have a nail emergency during the day, don’t worry about it until you have a few minutes of time. Wait until a lunch break/lunch at school or time when you can go to the restroom for a few minutes. And if you’re still a student, don’t fix your nail emergency during class! Wait until after. Nail emergencies can wait. 🙂

I hope you found this post helpful! Comment below if you’ll be creating your own nail emergency kit! Share on Instagram with #threesixtynails!

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Have a polished rest of your day! 🙂

– Cali, host of threesixtynails

Written by

Cali G.

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