Good afternoon, everyone! Today we’re saying goodbye to the Disney Descendants Series with nail art inspired by Gil, son of Gaston, and Dizzy, daughter of Drizzella. Let’s get into it!

Gil is a part of Uma’s pirate crew, and one of her closest friends. Gil shares his father’s affinity to eating an absurd amount of eggs, as well as his dumb tendencies. One thing about Gil that really annoys Uma is that he always forgets that it was an insult when Mal called her “Shrimpie” many years ago.

Dizzy is the adorable granddaughter of Lady Tremaine and works in her grandmother’s salon, Curl Up and Dye (one of the funniest puns in the movie!). She has a bubbly, fun, and wacky personality with her rainbow-y color scheme and cute pigtails. She’s totally ready to give any Isle citizen the makeover of their lives! Dizzy is like a little sister of Evie, and Evie really wants to help make Dizzy’s dreams come true.

Okay, below is the step-by-steps and list of polishes and tools used. Enjoy!

Polishes/Tools used to create this design:


“Courtney Orange” – Sinful Colors

“Best Ponies Forever” – China Glaze

“Don’t Take Yosemite for Granite” – OPI


“Is That a Spear in Your Pocket?” – OPI

“Gaston And On And On” – Morgan Taylor (I had to use this one!☺)

“Pool Party” – China Glaze

“All Dolled Up” – Color Club

“Lilac Out Loud” – Sinful Colors

Detailing Nail Art Brush


Dotting Tool (optional for Dizzy)

Step 1: Apply a burnt/tarnished orange-y color as the base for your design

Step 2: Create a thick stripe of brown diagonally across the nail, using the polish brush

Step 3: Repeat this process with a gold polish, going to the opposite corner of the nail

Step 4: Add gold dots on the brown stripe and brown dots on the gold stripe to represent studs

Step 5: Finish with top coat!

*sorry this is so blurry! 🙁

Step 1: Apply a darker teal polish that matches Dizzy’s dress; this will be your base color

Step 2: Using a detailing nail art brush, a straw, or the brushes of your polishes, create a paint splatter pattern using light pink, bright orange, light blue, and light purple. Any technique will work!

Step 3: If you need to, use some more teal polish to fill out space

Step 4: Apply top coat and don’t get dizzy *pun intended*!

Pretty easy, right?! These two designs are so cute! And that’s it for the series! Comment below what you’re favorite design of the series was and if you’ll be trying any of them out!

Since I really adore Disney Descendants, I decided to put together a meme series for Nail LOL! The memes are going up all this week on Instagram (@threesixtynails), and the three most-liked will be added to Nail LOL. Check out a few below:

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– Cali, host of threesixtynails

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