Good afternoon, everyone! I adore nail artist/polish tags (ex. overrated nail polish, you might be a nail polish fanatic if…, unpopular nail polish opinions, etc.) so I thought I’d take it upon myself to do one that I was really interested in: Underrated Nail Polish. I have so many beautiful polishes that I think deserve more hype than they currently have, so I want to share their amazing-ness with you! Let’s go!

First up is no surprise; it’s “Electric Avenue” by Salon Perfect. This is a top favorite of mine that I’ve shared again and again over the last several weeks, and of course I think it deserves more hype than it has. Until you see this in person and on your nails, you don’t realize how dimensional and bright this polish is with its layers of micro glitter and beautiful color! I could go on and on about this beauty, but you can read more HERE or HERE if you want. 🙂

Next is “Go for Gold” by Sally Hansen, part of the Insta-Dri line. This was my first and only gold polish for a while. I left the bottle as it is without shaking it up because I wanted you to see how much of this I’ve used since about last November. This is a one-coat gold, but I most often use it for detailing work and other nail designs. Amazing!

Here’s one by Zoya that I wanted to talk about. This was a part of their Summer Wanderlust Collection, and it’s called “Journey”. It’s a beautiful strawberry red shimmer and is so bright, so perfect for Summer. A lot of the shimmers in this collection, to my surprise, weren’t so highly praised because of their opacity in two to three coats. I thought this was one of the best shimmer polishes I’ve ever used! Only two coats! Highly recommend it.

Next is “We Run this Beach” from the Spring Fling Collection by China Glaze. This is at the top of my list of nude/neutral polishes of all time. I’ve talked a lot about this lovely lacquer; read more HERE or HERE.

“Indigo Waters” by whim. is an absolutely dreamy one-coater royal/cobalt metallic dark blue. It has an amazing formula and I really enjoy it with the brush. whim. can be found at Ulta, but I don’t see it much online any more. 🙁

One of my favorite polishes of the year and current top five faves (check the Nail Polish Forum) is “Too Much of a Good Fling”, a stunning sea foam green creme also from the Spring Fling Collection by China Glaze. I adore this polish and you can check out the manicure that won me over with this pretty HERE!

Now we come to “Britta” from Zoya, a GORGEOUS one-coat berry/plumb shimmer foil. I know this one will be used a lot this Fall! Plus, Zoya and their amazing 10-free formula?! Hands down, this one should have a lot more prestige. 🙂

Coming up now is “Strobe Light” by Sally Hansen, a really interesting (and really rare from a mainstream) holographic topper with rose gold as the main color, some slightly larger holographic glitter, and a slightly tinted base. I use this whenever I want some holo bling, but in a subtle and delicate way. The reason I threw this in here is because you don’t often find good holographic polishes, toppers or otherwises, from drugstore brands!

Another holographic! I believe I’ve discussed this one before as well (in fact, in another post HERE); it is a multi-use holographic polish from Revlon called “Holographic Pearls”. This is a part of the Transforming Top Coats, but it can be somewhat dense for a topper. I recommend this polish in two to three coats, and it’s absolutely stunning in the sunshine!! 😍

Finally, we arrive at the whole reason I really wanted to do a post like this: “Snow Me White” by Sinful Colors. I’ve used two bottles of this since February and it is a 97%-all-the-time one-coat white!! This is a great white that I never hear any praise about, so I wanted to give it some attention. 🙂

And that’s my underrated polishes! I think these are fantastic, and I hope you try them out! I’ve linked as many as I can in the list below for your convenience.

“Electric Avenue” – Salon Perfect

“Go for Gold” – Sally Hansen (Insta-Dri) –

“Journey” – Zoya –

“We Run This Beach” – China Glaze –

“Indigo Waters” – whim.

“Too Much Of A Good Fling” – China Glaze –

“Britta” – Zoya –

“Strobe Light” – Sally Hansen (Xtreme Wear) –

“Holographic Pearls” – Revlon –

“Snow Me White” – Sinful Colors –

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Have a polished rest of your day! 🙂

– Cali, host of threesixtynails

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