Good morning, everyone! As I mentioned in Sunday’s post, I am really excited for today! Since back to school is coming soon or may have already started for some (or maybe you’re finished with school for good? ☺), I wanted to give some handy–pun not intended–choices for polish you can sport this semester. Let’s begin!

First up is a pretty obvious polish, but it’s PERFECT–“Carnation Pink” from the Sally Hansen x Crayola Collection. Crayons are a classic in the classroom and this polish bottle alone is just adorable. My favorite is “Carnation Pink”, but you can choose your favorite classic crayon color and have a super cute mani for the first day back!

 Are you a fan of the retro chalkboard look? If so, then the Sinful Colors Back to School Collection Get Bright Collection is for you! My favorite is “Lilac Out Loud”, one of the beautiful pastel neon matte polishes in this set. When dry, it has a beautiful and unique chalky-looking finish that’s so chic and cute. This one has a tricky formula that may require three coats, but the color is so worth it!

Next is the one for you if you can’t get enough holo! Holographic polishes can be really hard to find in stores, so here’s a great option: “Holographic Pearls” by Revlon. You can find this in stores like Publix, Kroger, and CVS, so it’s really accessible. This is supposed to be a top coat, but like most holographic top coats, it covers the color and turns your base silver. I recommend this one in two to three coats for a sparkly manicure that will have all eyes on your nails!

Finishing off this guide to back to school polishes with a bang is this beauty from the Chromacity Collection by Finger Paints called “Dimensional Design”. This is a stunning multichrome green-to-blue-to-gold with a metallic-y finish that’s super cool. This will be perfect for that Science Fair presentation! The display for this collection had a science-y theme, so I had to include this lovely lacquer. Stunning!

And that does it for this back to school polish guide! Which one is your favorite? Do you think you’ll be showing off one of these for back to school? Have you started back at school, or are completely finished? Comment below! 🙂 You can purchase these polishes, if you’re interested, for convenience, at the links below.

“Carnation Pink” by Sally Hansen x Crayola:

“Lilac Out Loud” by Sinful Colors:

“Holographic Pearls” by Revlon:

“Dimensional Design” by Finger Paints:,default,pd.html?list=Search_Results#q=finger+paints+chromacity&start=1

Have a great back to school and first semester! Stay safe and work hard! ☺

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Have a polished rest of your day! 🙂

– Cali, host of threesixtynails

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