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Good evening, everyone! I was so excited to receive this wonderful order from Zoya Nail Polish in July, so I figured I’d swatch and review it for you! I got six polishes, and Zoya included three swatch plates from past collections and a sample of their amazing nail polish remover–which you can read more about HERE–as gifts. I’m really pleased with their shipping time and their packaging was great. The polishes came in a little box, the remover was wrapped in bubble wrap, and the whole box was covered in Styrofoam peanuts. Nothing was broken, thanks to the fantastic packaging! These polishes took about a week to arrive, which is great. Very pleased overall. 🙂 Now, onto the polish!

First is my very favorite from the whole order: “Sawyer” from the Wanderlust Collection this Summer. It’s a beautiful taffy-orange cream and is in my top-5 polishes ever. If you want some more details, because I’ve talked about this polish a lot ☺, you can read some more HERE and/or HERE.

The next favorite is “Journey”, also from the Wanderlust Collection, a beautiful bright strawberry red shimmer with slight pink-y undertones. I will be wearing this as a manicure soon; I haven’t gotten a chance to wear it for an extended period of time yet, and I can’t wait ’til I do! More about this polish HERE.

Next up is “Juvia”, a pretty deep blue with some cerulean playing in it. This polish is a little confusing. This is the description on Zoya’s website:

“Juvia is a summery teal neon cream. For best results, apply Zoya in Purity before Ultra Brites for an added pop of color. Ultra Brites dry matte but can be worn with a top coat to add a high shine finish. We recommend Naked Glossy Seal.”

This is recommended to be over a white base, but if you wear it by itself, it wears like a three to four coat jelly. That has a cool effect if glossy, but the matte doesn’t come across too well. This also disappointed me because the color on the website is not true to that in the bottle. It looks bright and almost-sky-blue neon on the website; in person it’s darker and pretty matte. The bottle color on the website is true to that of “Juvia” over white. I adore the look of this over white, I just wish it didn’t need it. Great formula!! 🙂

“Lacey” is a super pretty and simple light-light green shimmer. The nice thing I always say about this one is it is light enough to wear as a nude/neutral, but it still has a beautiful and playful color/sparkle. Two coats of perfection! Read more about it HERE.

Onto the new more Fall-ish polishes I got. This first one will be something I live in this Fall. “Britta” is a beautiful, rich plumb-y berry color with fuchsia undertones and a sparkly foil finish. Okay… *drum roll*… this polish opaque in just. one. coat. Yesssss!! 😍 So pretty and with such little effort. The color will be flattering on any skin tone and one coat will save so much time. Gorgeous!

The final polish in my package was “Ivanka”, a STUNNING dark-ish emerald green with a foil finish and silver/gold flakies running throughout. This is another beauty for Fall, and actually any season. This will also be flattering on any skin tone with it’s beautiful deep jewel-tone color and shimmer. This was a little sheer on the first coat, but it was finished easily in two! I can’t wait to use this in some Christmas nail art. 🙂

Okay, so now the details and pics are over, now you can watch the LIVE swatches to see how these beauties apply. This video comes from my YouTube channel, threesixtynailsTV, which you can subscribe to for videos that will not be available on the blog. Enjoy!

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, Zoya was also so kind to throw in a sample of their Remover+ and three lovely swatch plates from their 2016 Winter, 2017 Spring, and 2017 Summer collections. They make great nail space decoration!

My two favorites are “Sawyer” and “Journey”, but I adore every one of these beautiful polishes. I’m so thankful that Zoya exists so they can share their healthy, worry-free nail polish with the world. I always feel good buying 10-free polishes that don’t have a harsh smell and have benefits for my nails. 🙂 Which one of these polishes from my haul is your favorite? What’s your favorite Zoya polish of all time? Comment and let me know!

Before you go, I have some threesixtynails news! I’m changing up a lot of the format/content on the blog and threesixtynailsTV. But before we get into that, I wanted to let you know that there’s been a change in plans; instead of Disney Descendants Week, we’ll finish that series over the next two to three weeks. I’m going to be discontinuing the step-by-step blog posts and now the majority of nail art tutorials will be in easier-to-follow videos on the threesixtynailsTV YouTube channel.

So, on the blog, I’ll be shifting to things that are easier and more fun to read such as swatch and reviews, hauls, favorites, product reviews, polish favorites, more editions in the Beginner Nail Artist’s Handbook series, etc. It’s going to be much more manageable and fun for me, so I’m really excited for the change! Come September, once the Descendants series is over, the switch will be in full swing, but we’ll be transitioning throughout August. Again, be sure you’re subscribed to the blog right over there in the sidebar and subscribe to threesixtynailsTV on YouTube so you won’t miss any new content! If you have any questions about the content change, let me know. I hope you like the new format! 🙂

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Have a polished rest of your day! 🙂

– Cali, host of threesixtynails

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      Thank you so much, Joe! I’m glad you like them! ☺

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