Good morning, guys! I really enjoyed creating this big favorites post last month, and I hope you enjoyed reading it. If you missed it, you can read it HERE. And now another month is over, so here comes more favorites!

First up are my nail care faves for July. My basics don’t change that often, so I picked some different ones for this month. Let’s start with my favorite nail polish remover: Zoya Remove+! I adore this remover because it does not smell like remover or acetone at all. I’d have to say it’s 10% acetone-smell and 90% all-the-other-ingredients-smell in it, and I really appreciate it. I received a sample of this remover with a Zoya order (swatch and review coming soon!), so I had a small bottle. I didn’t want to use this to remove full manicures, plus it still takes some extra effort for glitter polish, but, what I like to do is put this Remove+ into a small dish while doing my nails and I use it to clean up around my nails. This is great because I can close up my 100% acetone and not have the smell, and I can have the non-strong-smelling remover in the cap; it also isn’t as drying to my cuticles and sidewalls while cleaning up. This was a long review, but I wanted to share the best details about this remover; highly recommend this!


Next is a product you’ll know all about if you were here for last week’s wear test and review post; it’s essie’s Gel Setter Top Coat! This is my new favorite top coat. It lasts so long and I used it while on vacation this July. Awesome if you don’t have the time to change your mani often! Read more about this top coat in my full review HERE.


Did you celebrate Christmas is July? 🙂 For fun, I used this lovely hand cream from Bath and Body Works in the scent “Winter Candy Apple” and it brought me right back to last around-holiday-time when I purchased it. It smells really good, not too strong, and is my favorite Bath and Body Works scent! If there were such things as digital scent files, I would include one. ☺

Onto polish! I’ve got a bunch of China Glaze this month, much like last. It’s becoming one of my most-owned brands, even gaining on my Sinful Colors collection! We’re starting off with “Too Much of a Good Fling”, this beautiful soft, light sea foam green creme. The formula is splendid and it has great coverage. I used this in my Cute Mermaid Manicure during Video Palooza, and that’s when I discovered how gorgeous it is! 😍 This polish is from the China Glaze Spring Fling Collection; I also included this (and a few others from this post) in my Top 10 Spring/Summer 2017 Collaboration post which you can read HERE.

Now comes a pretty expected China Glaze favorite: “Pool Party”, one of CG’s most popular neon/Summer polishes. It’s a beautiful red-orange matte-drying neon that looks ten times more beautiful with a glossy top coat. This is a perfect Summertime polish in my opinion, and one I think everybody should have! The formula can take up to three or four coats, but it’s worth it for the color.

Are you obsessed with the China Glaze x My Little Pony Collection as much as I am? For this month, I have two from this collection. First is “She’s a Mane-iac”, a satin-finish bright, light hot pink with some glowy shimmer. It has some bubblegum vibes and really brightens up a fair skin tone, evens a medium, or accents a dark. It shines with glossy top coat! Bea-u-tif-ul!!! (Also, this matte formula is not hard to work with at all and doesn’t dry on itself before leveling. It’s pretty thin and a dream to work with!)

“Best Ponies Forever” is my favorite gold polish EVER. It’s more of a solid/yellow gold than traditional silver/stark gold and I really like the color. I’ve used this so much this month and in so many manis; it’s great for detailing, and if you wear it by itself, it’s completely opaque in one easy coat! There aren’t that many brushstrokes and the formula’s just great. Thirty-million stars! 🙂

Okay, now onto non-CG polishes! First is “Danke-Shiny Red” by OPI. This was my go-to red polish all month and will continue be such. This is opaque in one coat and has a shiny car-lacquer-like finish with a beautiful color. My favorite red ever!

Another favorite you’ll be familiar with if you’ve been visiting and/or @threesixtynails Instagram this month is Zoya’s “Sawyer”. Taffy orange with a spectacular cream formula–what more could you ask for? And it’s 10-free which means it’s worry-free! I purchased this in a Zoya order in July and that swatch and review video will be up next week. 🙂 This polish is in my top 5. P.S. Would you like to see a section of where I list my top 5 favorite polishes, favorite collections, etc? COMMENT BELOW!

The Sally Hansen x Crayola Collection is a hot topic this season and my favorite so far is “Carnation Pink”. I was a little disappointed that the color resembled more the wrapper than the actual crayon color, but it’s still SUPER pretty. The cap is adorable, too! ☺ This has a great two-coat formula and I really like the ease of the brush. The swatch below is one of my favorites and best!

And now, another placeholder in my top five… *drum roll* …”Electric Avenue” by Salon Perfect!!!!! This was a highly-promoted polish in the Salon Perfect 4 of July “collection” and I adored it from the first time I saw it. It is so bright and glowy and electric with its blue glitter, sapphire color, and cerulean undertones. SO STUNNING!! 😍 (This picture doesn’t do it justice.)

That’s it for my nail-related favorites! Now I’ve got a beauty-related favorite and a completely unrelated favorite. First is this lipstick by Revlon called “Love Is On”. It’s the most perfect red lipstick I’ve ever come across and it’s only $8 or so at most drugstores or even grocery stores. It dries really well, doesn’t smear too much, and has long wear time. 👍🏻 (Also, this and “Danke-Shiny Red” match really well!)

Finally, this little sticker pack from Target in their Best Friends Series is so cute and perfect for decorating notebooks, artwork, your planner, crafts, and more. They stick really well on paper and I imagine they’d work well on other surfaces, too. The designs are adorable; unicorns, stars, kawaii fruit, kitties, puppies, bows, rainbows, kawaii clouds, and more! I adore this collection and this pack was only $1!

(two sheets even have a holographic background!)

I hope you enjoyed this favorites post! Are any of my favorites for July your favorites? Do you have different favorites than me? Comment below! Purchase links for all of these will be updated and added in a list here later, so check back soon!

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Have a polished rest of your day! 🙂

– Cali, host of threesixtynails

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