Good afternoon, guys! I’m super excited for today’s post for two reasons: #1, I’m sharing a massive vacation nail polish haul with you (per the title) in video format with swatch pictures, and #2, I have some HUGE news! Okay, okay–let’s go! ☺

If you saw Wednesday’s post, you probably know that I was on a really fun and really relaxing beach vacation recently and I had to check out the nail polish scene. Oh my goodness, did I find some goodies! Below is the list of polishes I grabbed + embedded links and the live swatch video is below that. Enjoy!

Haul Polishes:

Limited Edition “Seein’ Stars” – Sinful Colors *link unavailable

“Electric Avenue” – Salon Perfect *link unavailable

“Star Spangled” – Salon Perfect *link unavailable

“Hay Girl Hay!” – China Glaze

“I Just Canterlot” – China Glaze

Limited Edition “Lilac Out Loud” – Sinful Colors *link from

“Beach Front” – Milani

“Pool Party” – China Glaze

“Strobe Light” – Sally Hansen (Xtreme Wear)

“Blazed” – wet n wild

“Carnation Pink” – Sally Hansen (Insta-Dri)

Limited Edition “Purpunk” – Sinful Colors (Hypnotic Transforming Top Coat) *link from

First up is “Electric Avenue”, a STUNNING *two syllables* bright deep blue shimmer with very fine micro glitter. This picture does not do it justice. In the sunlight or hard lighting, this glows off the nail and is so glamorous. While this will make the perfect background for snowflakes this Winter, it’s a great color for year-round wear, despite it being so bright. If you have bright nail lines and/or long nails this may need a third coat, but I think it’s highly unlikely. The first coat is a little patchy; the second covers amazingly. New beauty in my top 5!

I was super excited to find my first Milani polish while on vacation, and I grabbed it–not only because of the beautiful color–because the name “Beach Front” was a perfect memento for my trip! This has a really pretty light blue color with a dash of sea foam and silver flecks/shimmer running throughout it. This one was, in fact, nearly opaque in one coat, but there was still a little more opacity needed. This color plays really nicely with my skin tone and the shimmer is great for a Summer day. 🙂 Also, being that this was my first experience with Milani, I am extremely pleased with the brand!

Are you ready for back-to-school? I finally found the Sinful Colors Back to School Collection, a gorgeous collection of pastel neon matte polishes. I picked up “Lilac Out Loud”, a lovely lavender shade with some pink undertones. This is so bright and glows off the nail. The formula is a little iffy; it takes two to three coats depending on application because it’s a little patchy. I did two coats in the live application and three in the swatch picture. This is one I’ll be wearing all year long!

Next up is “Carnation Pink” from the Sally Hansen x Crayola collaboration collection. So excited about this one! (P.S. I noticed that at about this swatch, the video decided to be wonky and this pink and the oranges following are not very true to color. But the swatches that follow are, so that’s good!) I found this display while away and I posted it on Instagram (@threesixtynails). I’m really happy with “Carnation Pink”–it looks really flattering on my skin tone and it has really nice application, especially with the effortless paddle brush. Adore this one, too! However, it is very different from the Crayola crayon color; it matches the paper better.

“Blazed” by wet n wild is up next. This one disappointed me a little because it appears to have a jelly formula, something I wasn’t expecting. Anyhow, I absolutely adore this color–it’s the perfect neutral orange with some tangerine undertones. Although it takes three to four coats for opacity, I still like the color enough to wear it. 🙂

“Pool Party” by China Glaze is a super-popular neon shade and now I see why. I had never tried it before and found it on clearance in Sally Beauty. And it is GORGEOUS! This is my favorite neon for Summer thus far. Although the formula takes three coats and it dries matte, a nice glossy top coat and some patience brings out the beauty in this lovely lacquer. It never looks perfect on camera; you have to see it in person. ☺ Is this your favorite China Glaze Summer fav or do you have another? Comment below!

Have you been a fan of the China Glaze x My Little Pony Collection? I know I have! I picked up two minis, also in Sally Beauty: “I Just Canterlot” and “Hay Girl Hay!” These two shocked me, they’re so beautiful. Here’s “I Just Canterlot”, a grape purple with fuchsia undertones and scattered holographic and silver glitter, in two easy coats:

I’ve got to get a pic of that in sunlight! And here is “Hay Girl Hay!”, an iridescent white/gold with color shifting flakies and a dash of holo, in one coat of black and white and in three coats by itself:

Onto the glitter toppers! Here is “Strobe Light” by Sally Hansen, a beautiful rose/gold/copper holographic micro glitter topper. I was so excited when I found this. How often do you find holo polish in a drugstore? This is a really great topper and I really like how it looks over black.

I was so shocked when I found this next one!!! “Star Spangled” by Salon Perfect was a part of their 4th of July “collection”, and it’s a beautiful holographic star, hex, and circle glitter topper. It’s so super pretty. This is my go-to topper now and I’d be interested to see how it looks when sponged. So holo! Also in this swatch, you’ll see “Seein’ Stars” by Sinful Colors. This was also a limited edition 4th of July polish with red and blue metallic micro glitter and white star glitter. Adorable!

Phew! So, that’s all the polish I got while on vacation! I had a great time finding the polish and sharing it with you! Which polish is your favorite? Be sure to comment below!

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