How-To: DIY Color Shifting Flakie Nails (China Glaze x My Little Pony) ~ No Powder, Flakies, or Pigment! ~ Video Palooza Feedback

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Okay, now onto the nail art. Have you seen the beautiful and unique flakie nails that look like this?

Or this?

These have been a HUGE nail trend lately, so likely you have, but if not, now you have. 😂 Now, while these flakies are super gorgeous, they can also be super messy. I’ve used chrome powder myself, and I’ve heard how pretty much every body makes a mess with flakies and powders, whether they’re getting it all over their work surface, clothes, and/or skin. It can be really tricky and time consuming to get a mani out of these beauties. So, today, I’ve got a way for you to get a flakie-esque look without the hassle of messy flakies/powders using two polishes from the 2017 China Glaze x My Little Pony Collection. *not sponsored* Let’s begin!

So, all you need for this look is black polish and one of these two toppers from the collection. You can see I have some chunky glitter on my accent nails, but that’s totally optional and personal preference. The two toppers are “Hay Girl Hay!” and “Let Your Twilight Sparkle™”:

This is “Hay Girl Hay!” over black and white:

And this “Let Your Twilight Sparkle™” over black and white:

Now, these two, in my opinion look ten times more amazing over black and that’s what you’ll put it over for this mani, but if the white floats your boat, go ahead! Flakies are usually recommended for dark bases, so that’s why we’re using black. Speaking of, click THIS LINK to purchase “Hay Girl Hay!” and/or “Let Your Twilight Sparkle™” on if you can’t find it where you live. These have been available in Sally Beauty, Ulta, JCPenney, and possibly a few other places. I hope you can get your hands (and nails) on them!

All you have to do to get this stunning flakie-like manicure without the mess is apply a base coat, apply a coat or two of black polish (let dry 3-6 minutes), apply a coat or two of “Hay Girl Hay!” or “Let Your Twilight Sparkle™”, and finish it off with glossy top coat. If you like, you can accessorize with some glitter like I did, or you can live it as it stunningly is. Which mani do you like better? The green-to-yellow-to-orange one or the purple-to-red-to-blue-to-pink one? Comment below and share your re-creations on Instagram with #threesixtynails and #threesixtynailsNBfeature!

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– Cali, host of threesixtynails

Cali G.

I'm a nail artist, positivity/wellness enthusiast, and perpetual creative. I've been sharing nails and good vibes here in my corner of the Internet since 2017. Follow me @threesixtynails on social and check the Contact page if you want to get in touch. Have a polished rest of your day! ✨


  1. BEAUTIFUL COLORS!!! You create WONDERFUL designs!!!

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      Thank you so much, Joe! ☺

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