Special Edition Collaboration Post: Top 10 Polishes from Spring/Summer 2017

Good afternoon, everyone! I am so excited for today’s post! I’m collaborating with two amazing nail artists and nail techs that are AMAZING. We’re all putting together our top ten polishes from Spring and Summer this year to showcase to you. Here are the two girls I’m collaborating with and the links to where they share their content:

Lynda  Le – Website: https://polishperfect.co/ – Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/polishperfectt – Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/104415664896643523423 – Twitter: https://twitter.com/polishperfectt – Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/polishperfectt/ – YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCORJVU5YWhLraFk4e0eiukw – Post: https://www.polishperfect.co/nail-polishes-summer-2017/

Alli Evette – Allie Evette – YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/aesimm24 – Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/allievette/ – Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/allievette – Video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tKLwB7C8cj4

E-Nail Diaries from YouTube was supposed to participate as well, but she was unable to this time. Be sure to check her out her channel well! These girls’ sites/YouTube channels are so amazing and fun, so please go check them out! The links to their collaboration posts will be listed next to these current links when they’re videos go up throughout the day. Okay, so let’s get started!

The first polish on my list is “Sawyer” from the Summer 2017 Wanderlust Collection by Zoya. This stunning taffy orange that really reminds me of orange sherbert, taffy, and creamsicles is so-so-super-pretty for Summer and really warms up any skin tone. It has a good two-coat formula and is 10-free; so awesome and I highly recommend it!

Second is “Journey”, also from the Wanderlust Collection. This shimmery strawberry red is so gorgeous with undertones of pink glows right off your nails and is completely opaque in two to three coats. It’s such a fun and bright color for the Summer, but you could totally use this around Christmas as well! 🙂

Finally from Zoya, is “Lacey” from the 2017 Spring Charming Collection. This lovely lacquer is a glimmering light-green shimmer that’s so fresh and delicate for Spring and Summer. Again, opaque in two coats and perfectly healthy polish as usual from Zoya. Beautiful–you could even get away with this in the office!

Now onto polishes from China Glaze. Up now is “Too Much of A Good Fling” from the 2017 Spring Fling Collection by China Glaze. This GORGEOUS light mint/sea foam green/blue creme is so perfect for Spring and Summer–very versatile for multiple manis. It has a really excellent formula and the color makes all nails and skin tones look lovely. One of my top-top picks!

“Kiss My Sherbet Lips” is another stunner from the Spring Fling Collection. This hot pink polish with a very, very slight fuchsia undertone and some undetectable shimmer is so splendid. It warms and brightens up any skin tone, shocking off the nails! Fabulous!

Lastly from the Spring Fling Collection is “We Run This Beach”. This is my very favorite nude/neutral polish EVER. It has such a perfect consistency, is opaque in two coats, has a pastry cream color with a drop of beige–AMAZING!

Now we move onto some beauties from OPI. “Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon” from the 2017 Fiji Collection by OPI got a lot of attention this year with its two to three coat formula and beautiful light pink color with super slight lavender undertone. I use this polish all the time, especially for detailing. Lovely!

Another stylish varnish from the Fiji Collection is “Living On the Bula-Vard”, a super-bright and glowy red-orange creme. I want to wear this all Summer long! It has such a stunning color and compliments any nail shape. It’s also a possible one-coater!

What is fruit’s favorite thing to sing? “Banana-nana-nana-na!” ☺ LOL. Looking for a fruity/sunny yellow creme for the Summer? Here is “Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet”, a two to three coat yellow that’s so bright for Summer! A beautiful basic yellow for every collection!

Lilacs and lavenders are perfect for Spring and Summer, and this one was a favorite of mine this year, not only because it has the cutest name ever, but because the color and formula are superb. “Polly Want A Lacquer?” is a very soft and pretty lilac/lavender purple with a delightful two coat formula. Ending on a high note with this pretty!

And that concludes my gallery of polish favorites from Spring and Summer 2017! Were any of these your favorites? What other Spring and Summer faves do you have? Comment below!

Thank you so much Lynda and Alli for collaborating with me! This was a lot of fun and a great experience to work with such talented and awesome nail artists/enthusiasts. Be sure you go check out these lovely ladies via the links in the beginning of the post!!

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– Cali, host of threesixtynails

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