Good morning, everyone! You know I really like reviewing products and sharing my favorite nail items with you, so I decided to start doing a monthly favorites post! Let’s get to it!

Starting off with nail care, my favorite thing for keeping my cuticles moisturized is the Formula X for Sephora Cuticle Conditioner. Unfortunately, Formula X has been discontinued for the most part, so this goodie can be hard to find. However, if you have it, you know that it is really hydrating and softening–it also gives strength to your cuticles and nails since it’s infused with keratin. Its smell isn’t as harsh or bad as nail polish or remover, but it still has a strong scent sometimes. Really great product!

Another favorite in cuticle care has been Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, a product that gets rave reviews across the beauty community. Burt’s Bees products are really high quality and so they can be a little expensive, but this cuticle butter is worth it. And this cuticle butter is only $6! You might see that the tub is pretty small, however, it lasts soooo long since you only need a tiny bit for all your nails. The scent is so fresh and lovely, as well! Very moisturizing and high quality!

Purchase “Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream” HERE

Now onto nail polish! First brand is China Glaze–I’ve been on a fun China Glaze kick all month! ☺ The first one from China Glaze is a lovely slightly-shimmery matte bright tangerine orange called “Orange You Hot?” I used this quite a bit this month, in two manis actually. It is one of China Glaze’s super-fast-drying matte polishes and it takes up to four coats to even out, but it’s worth it for the gorgeous color! Plus, it’s beautiful glossy as well!

Purchase “Orange You Hot?” on HERE

Also from China Glaze is “We Run this Beach” from their Spring Fling Collection which is finally on!! And this is a neutral/nude lacquer, so it has to be stunning for me to put into my top favorites. 🙂 I really adore this color by itself or in a manicure–it has a smooth formula and is incredibly lovely. Learn more in this recent Products of the Week post. So pretty in two easy coats!

Purchase “We Run this Beach” on HERE

Another from China Glaze is “Kiss My Sherbet Lips”, also from the Spring Fling Collection. This stunning hot/bright pink with an undertone of shimmer is so amazing for Summer and is one of my favorites in the collection. I wore this in a sparkly mani with OPI’s “Champagne for Breakfast” recently and it turned out so glam! Great in two coats!

Purchase “Kiss My Sherbet Lips” on HERE

“Don’t Teal My Vibe” is another beauty from the China Glaze Spring Fling Collection. I used this chic shimmer teal almost-multichrome shift polish in this fabulous mermaid manicure this month and it turned out so beautiful!

Purchase “Don’t Teal My Vibe” on HERE

And one more from China Glaze is “I Sea Ponies” from the AMAZING My Little Pony™ Collection. Oh WOW–this is the first full-on linear holographic polish a mainstream brand has EVER released and it is INCREDIBLE. This is also my first linear holo and I am obsessed with how gorgeous it is. I only bought this one in a cute mini size…but I think I’ll end up getting the full-size as well. ☺ So beautiful with a wonderful formula!

Purchase “I Sea Ponies” on HERE

Moving on to other brands, we’ve got a few from Penny Bloom, Zoya, and Sinful Colors. This first one is from Penny Bloom and it’s called “Holobuloo”. You may have seen this in another “favorites”-type post from a while ago, but I had to include it in this monthly one because I used it so much this month. It’s a gorgeous holographic glitter topper that I designed with Penny Bloom and I use it so often! See the swatch and review post for Penny Bloom HERE and the interview with Sara Russell, the founder of Penny Bloom, HERE.

Next is “Amy” by Zoya! I actually just found it today and haven’t used it yet, but I had to include because of how GORGEOUS it is! This shimmery-but-bright orange with a lot of gold shimmer/flakies has full coverage and has a brilliant foil metallic finish. It glows in the sunshine and will be so pretty with most skin tones. You’ll see this in a bunch of manis and swatches on the blog and on Instagram (@threesixtynails) soon!

Purchase “Amy” on HERE

Finally for nail polish is this next beauty from Sinful Colors called “Green Ocean”. I bought this in May and wasn’t sure what to use it for because it was a little gooey at the time. However, I pulled it out again for my mermaid manicure and layered it over “Don’t Teal My Vibe”–WOW! This has such a stunning iridescent and green sparkle in different lighting and would look amazing on any outdoor Summer day. So sparkly and I highly recommend it!

Purchase “Green Ocean” on HERE

Lastly for favorites, I have two other not-entirely-nail-related favorites to share with you. The first is these two beautiful Copic Ciao Markers from Blick Art Supply. I’d never tried these before and I heard them highly recommended. They are so easy to use and have such lovely color! The two that I have are “Begonia Pink” and “Lilac”–they’re so pretty. One end is a chisel tip and the other is brush. P.S. Something really exciting involving these markers is coming soon! Comment below if you have a guess! ☺

Purchase “Begonia Pink” HERE and “Lilac” HERE

And lastly something more makeup-related than nails–this Clinique x Crayola Chubby Stick in the shade “Melon”. This is a really nice “moisturizing lip colour balm” as the package says, which is a great description for it. It’s like a tinted lip balm with a little lighter texture than lipstick. This shade is perfect for any season and adds a really nice brightness with the pop of sheer pink/peach. Very pretty!

And that does it for my monthly favorites! If you’re still reading, I hope you enjoyed this longer post! I had a lot of fun putting it together. Can’t wait for next month! Comment below with which one of my favorites was your favorites or what your monthly favorites are!

Also, thank you to those who left such wonderful feedback last week! It made my day to see all the positive and helpful feedback I received–thank you so much! 🙂 The feedback form disappeared from the homepage today, but it’s still available in two blog blogs, plus it will be available on the CONTACT page, if you’d like to fill it out still. There will be another Feedback Week in the future!

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– Cali, host of threesixtynails

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