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Good afternoon, everyone! It’s Wednesday which means it’s time for another Products of the Week post! This time, I’m bringing info to you for 7 polishes that are so pretty and perfect for the Summertime. Let’s begin!

The first three polishes are three beautiful lacquers from OPI’s Fiji Collection, my favorite collection so far this year. First up is “Living On the Bula-Vard”, a bright red-orange cream with a fabulous formula and gorgeous color. I wore this as a mani a few weeks ago with some holographic sparkle accents, and it was so glossy and lovely, the glam polish you need for Summer! Highly recommend this one!

The next one is a pastel-ish light blue called “Suzi Without A Paddle”–so pretty! At first, this didn’t stand out to me from the colorful collection, but it turns out, I use it in nearly every nail design I create recently and it would look so fresh and lovely for Summer. Great formula, especially because it’s a pale color. Another great varnish!

Finally from this collection is the one-coat polish you can use all Summer long: “Super Trop-i-cal-i-fiji-istic”. This almost-painter’s-tape dark blue that’s darker in shade but bright and bold on the nail has an opaque and creamy one-coat formula that’s so glam for any sunny Summer day! Also, great for speedy nail art.

The rest of these polishes are from a mix of brands and they’re all very unique. Let’s start with the essie polish called “Chillato”…

Since it’s a popular essie shade, I’m pretty sure many of you are familiar with it. I included this polish in my Spring Edition of Products of the Week sometime in March, but I included it in this Summer one as well because it is such a cool and chic color to wear during warm months. It is a sheer polish with a yellow-green color and sometimes shows nail line in two to three coats. I think this way to wear it is really fresh and light, though!

This next one will surely please those of you who adore all things mermaid! “Big Teal” by Sally Hansen (Hard As Nails) is my favorite jelly polish at the moment. It has a dark teal jelly base with a mix of green, blue, silver, and gold glitter hexes in different sizes. This one can actually be worn different ways in one to three coats. Super pretty and dimensional!

Looking for the perfect beachy glitter? “Nude Graffiti” by Revlon is the sandy confetti you’ve been looking for! I used this in my Easiest Ever Beach Nails and my Pretty Ombre Mani. So, so unique and very versatile. Plus, it distributes the confetti variety really easily with minimal manipulation!

Orange, tangerine, and sun-kissed colors are always so beautiful in the Summer and this matte slightly shimmery tangerine polish by China Glaze is just what you need! “Orange You Hot?” has a pretty nice formula for being a matte polish. It’s only slightly matte and isn’t thick at all. It comes about 95% opaque in two to five coats, plus it doesn’t get too thick in too many coats as long as they’re medium-thin coats. See “Orange You Hot?” with a glossy top coat accenting this water marble mani I posted on Instagram yesterday:

And that finishes off your ultimate guide to Summer lacquers! Which polish is your favorite? Will you be throwing any of them into your shopping cart for your warm and sunny months? Speaking of shopping carts, there’s an update about the threesixtynails Nail Shop…

As you may have seen if you were exploring the site or saw the post on Instagram, is removing their aStore feature this year (the aStore function will be retired on October 27th 2017). Until then, the Nail Shop will still be available for you to shop it. However, I started on another project in place of the Nail Shop: the Nail Mall! Learn more and explore HERE!

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– Cali, host of threesixtynails

Cali G.

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