Swatch and Review: OPI Fiji Collection, Spring 2017

Good morning, everybody! I finally completed my OPI Fiji Collection, their Spring 2017 one, and I was so excited; I could finally do a swatch and review video! However, a little different to usual swatch and review videos, the LIVE swatch and review will be up sometime over the summer on the THREESIXTYNAILS TV* page, so it’s exclusive to that page and it is not on the blog. The picture swatches and extended reviews are here and they will be really helpful if you’re trying tot decide which polishes you’d like from this collection. So sit back, relax, and enjoy. 🙂

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The first polish we’re looking at is “Do You Sea What I Sea?” This is a blue/purple shimmer shift, completely opaque in two coats. It is very stunning and bright in person! For a shimmer, this has great coverage–thinner formula, but easy to work with.

Next is “I Can Never Hut Up”, a unique grey polish with a tint of green and a hint of green shimmer. I haven’t seen a polish like this before and I think it’s a great one to wear all year round. It’s completely opaque in two coats and the formula’s great! (It’s harder to see the green shimmer in the picture, but in person and in sunlight, it’s easier to make out.)

“No Tan Lines” is a really nice tropical/light pumpkin orange cream. Depending on application, this may need two to three coats, but the consistency is good. I can’t wait to use this in the fall!

Up now is “Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet”, a sunny/bright yellow cream that’s completely opaque in two to three coats. For a yellow, the coverage is very nice, considering yellows are generally not very opaque. The formula is a tad thin (it spreads to the sides of your nail), but it doesn’t pool or slide which is great! Perfect for summer. 🙂

This is one of my favorites in the collection, the gorgeous ONE-COAT teal green cream called “Is That A Spear In Your Pocket?” Yes, this one is completely opaque in one coat (you can add a second, but it’s really not necessary) and has a fabulous formula! Plus, it’s another great year-round polish.

“Coconuts Over OPI” is another one of my favorites, a gorgeous and creamy light beige/neutral with complete coverage in two coats. I’m never usually a big fan of neutral polishes, but this one is so lovely! This one is, again, perfect to wear year-round.

My favorites seem to be all in a row, so next is “Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon”, a cute light-pink cream with the most undetectable hint of something that makes it a little more off-pink and unique. It’s completely opaque in two to three coats and has a lovely formula!

This next one, a beautiful light-purple/lavender, has my favorite name in the collection: “Polly Want A Lacquer?” This has a really great formula, considering that it’s a pastel, and it’s completely opaque in two easy coats! This one is so gorgeous!

Anyone looking for a perfect bubble-gum/hot pink?! Then “Two-Timing the Zones” is the polish for you. It is completely opaque in two coats and has a great vibrant, pink color for the Summer!

“Living On The Bula-Vard” is a SUPER-BRIGHT red-orange cream that has great coverage in two coats. I know I’ll be wearing this one a lot over the Summer and it would even be good for Halloween or Christmas. The consistency is really nice, too!

Another ONE-COATER; “Super Trop-i-cal-i-fiji-istic”! This almost painters’-tape blue cream with a hint of teal is a really great color. The formula is AMAZING, as it is a one-coater that absolutely does not need a second coat. It’s a big time saver and is a great for almost any season!

Finally, “Suzi Without A Paddle” is an elegant and soft light/powder-blue cream almost-pastel that is completely opaque in two coats. This one is really fresh and light for Springtime and Summer. I’d use this in the Winter, too; snowflake manis can always use a nice, light background. 🙂 So pretty!

I’m so glad I was able to put together this whole collection; it’s one of my favorites of 2017 so far! Which polish from the OPI Fiji Collection is your favorite? My top three are:

“Coconuts Over OPI”

“Is That A Spear In Your Pocket?”

“Polly Want A Lacquer?”

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– Cali, host of threesixtynails

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      I agree, Joe! This collection IS gorgeous!! ☺

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