Pretty-for-the-Prom Manicure Series, Week 4: Elegant Black Lace Nails + BONUS How-To for a Gradient French Manicure ~ Products/Tools List Presentation Updates

Good evening, everybody! In the final edition of the Pretty-for-the-Prom Manicure Series, you’ll be learning how to design your very own elegant black lace nails, plus I’ve included a BONUS how-to for a gradient french manicure. Both of these are very trendy, timeless, and classy… oh, and perfect for the prom, too!! ☺ So, let’s start with the lovely lace nails…

Below, there’s a polishes/tools list with links provided by the Nail Shop for all of the unique and fantastic products I’ve used in my designs. This will always be included in any tutorial-based blog posts so that you can enjoy the awesome products that I do! The way that these lists are presented has changed; the links are now not raw links, they are actual Nail Shop links. Also below is the detailed step-by-step for this glam and chic manicure. Enjoy!

Polishes/Tools used in this design:

Zoya: Anchor Basecoat

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel: Blacky O

Craft Smart Acrylic Paint Value Pack: Black

INM: Out the Door Topcoat

Winning Nails: Nail Art Brush (detailing size) *Unfortunately, does not carry the detailing size, but the striper will work just as well! 🙂

Step 1:

After basecoat, apply one coat of sheer black polish. If you don’t have a sheer black polish, never fear–you can make your own! Mix together two parts black polish to three parts clear polish/basecoat/topcoat and then wipe off your black polish’s brush; you can dip that in the pool of sheer black to apply it onto your nails!

Step 2:

Let the sheer black dry for 2-3 mins, then use black acrylic paint (or black polish if you don’t have acrylic paint) and a detailing brush or toothpick to draw any lace-like designs that you’d like onto your nails. The example designs in the picture above are: lacy swirls and dots, lace chevron, embroidery lace flowers and stripes, and dream-catcher fringe. Design your own or re-create one of the examples. Let dry for 2-3 mins.

Step 3:

 Now apply a medium amount of fast-drying topcoat (not such a thin amount and not such a generous amount) and let it dry for 2-4 mins. After that, apply a matte topcoat and let dry completely, 5-15 mins.

Who doesn’t adore a 3-step manicure for the prom?! Share your inspired manicures and re-creations with #threesixtynails and #threesixtynailsNBfeature. Alright, now onto the gradient french. Enjoy!

Polishes/Tools used in this Design:

Zoya: Anchor Basecoat

OPI: Bubble Bath

Sinful Colors: Snow Me White *Pack of 3

INM: Out the Door Topcoat

Sally Hansen: Big Matte Topcoat

Makeup Sponges

Step 1:

After basecoat, optionally apply one coat of your nude/skin tone polish. If you choose to not apply this, then go right ahead to the next step.

Step 2:

Brush on a generous amount of your nude polish about 3/4 up your makeup sponge; make a white tip on the remaining 1/4.

Step 3:

Sponge 1-4 coats onto your nail, reapplying the nude and the white in the same way each time, and letting dry 2-3 mins between coats.

Step 4:

When the last coat has dried (about 1 minute if it was a thin coat), apply a coat of fast-drying topcoat (let dry 2-3 mins), then optionally apply a coat of a matte topcoat. The matte topcoat makes it look more natural and the glossy makes it look more glam.

Also easy and super classy! This is one of my new favorite go-to manicures and it really doesn’t take a long time to create or to dry, which is always a plus. ☺ Again, share your re-creations and inspired manis with #threesixtynails and #threesixtynailsNBfeature!

I hope you enjoyed the Pretty-for-the-Prom Manicure Series! I know I did. Comment below with which manicure was your favorite; Glitter Manicure, Glistening Nails, Holographic Nails with Floral Detailing, Elegant Black Lace Nails, and/or Gradient French Manicure? Hmm… I’d have to say Gradient French Manicure. ☺

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– Cali, host of threesixtynails

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