Good morning, everybody! I am so excited for today’s post and video because I will be swatching five polishes that I DESIGNED! Yes, it’s true; PennyBloom offers services to create your own custom polishes. Sara, founder of PennyBloom, was so kind to send me five of her polishes to try out. Thank you, Sara! So, without further ado, here’s the live swatches in the video (we’ll go into more detail and swatch pictures below). Enjoy!

Weren’t those so pretty?! As mentioned in the video, I really liked picking out the bases and the glitters. I was so surprised and happy when I saw that the names I’d come up with were printed on the bottles! The packaging and experience was so well-put-together and enjoyable. So, now, let’s get into some more detail with the swatches.

“Candy Burst” covered almost-completely in three coats, but because it’s a crelly base (see the NAIL LINGO page for this definition and more) and it’s pink, it’s more of a sheer polish anyway. The bars and flakes distributed pretty evenly across the nail without much manipulation. Make sure you shake well right after you un-package these so all the glitters get mixed together! Also, it’s easy to use a toothpick and place the heavier glitters. So pretty!

“Love That Sparkle” came out to be a very unique polish and is opaque in three coats. The bar glitter distributes nicely and I went back in with a toothpick (as you seen in the video) to place some of the larger red holo and white hearts. This one, I’m really interested to see with a matte finish because the overall glitter mix without the hearts reminds me of a cozy sweater! ☺

“Springtime On the Runway” is so sweet for spring and is almost-completely opaque in three coats. Again, these are crelly/jelly polishes, so they are expected to be a tad sheer. For a yellow, this one covered nicely on the first coat and the pink and purple dot glitter distributed well. The big green dots and white butterflies were fun to place and put where I liked on my nails. I know I’ll be using this one a lot this Spring!

“Star Shower” is my second favorite of the polishes I designed and is completely opaque in two to three coats. The silver flakes and purple bars distributed without much manipulation. The coverage on my ring finger on the second coat was amazing; packed with glitter!! This one is a really nice twist on a classic black mani and it’s perfect for any fancy evening occasion.

Finally, “Holobuloo” is my favorite of the polishes I designed (so is the name, as mentioned in the video) and will be completely opaque with some sponge application or in three coats. For the swatch video and pictures, I painted this on with the brush, and because it’s a clear base, it’s sparse and will never be completely opaque. Sponge this and you’ll have so much holographic-ness and sparkly glitter to look at! But if you like the clear manicure with the pretty glitter (I like both ways☺), you can totally paint it on. Also, I’ve never seen such holographic glitter in any polish I own; spectacular!!

Which of my custom PennyBloom polishes was your favorite? Comment below! If you’d like to design your own custom polishes for a wedding, a special occasion, or maybe just for yourself, then check out by clicking on the logo image below.

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– Cali, host of threesixtynails

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