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Good afternoon, everybody! So, since I really enjoyed last week’s switch-up-lineup, the new schedule for the threesixtynails blog is now:

Monday ~ [free day] *generally a day for step-by-step/pictorial series

Wednesday ~ Products of the Week

Friday ~ Nail Art Tutorial Video

Anyway, that means that today is now Products of the Week and this is one of my favorites so far. Today’s post is…

… my nail polish haul!!!!!!! This is a collection of various polishes that I collected over the last couple weeks. I have swatches of all of them, plus a sneak-peek at a product I’ll be reviewing very soon. These are sort of like preview swatches; I will be doing some four-finger swatches in the next two weeks, so follow @threesixtynails on Instagram for those. Anyway, let’s get into it!

First we have…

… “Pure Pearl” by Revlon!!! I’ve been wanting a polish  like this for a while now and this one really does it for you. I really like the finish of the pearl, however, this type of pearly polish is a personal preference. (Wow–tongue twister.☺) It can get a little brush-strokey, but it’s completely opaque in three coats. So gorgeous! See it featured here in this week’s Pretty-for-the-Prom manicure:


… “Sultry” by Revlon!!! (If you haven’t guessed, we’re organizing this haul by brand.) This one is super-unique to my collection. I’d describe it as a indigo/blue/purple micro glitter shift (if that wasn’t enough detail for you, plus the picture☺) and I absolutely adore the finish.

Next up…

… “Nude Graffiti” by Revlon!!! This one is a really unique Transformation Topcoat with some nude/sandy-colored and white confetti hexagon and bar glitter. The clear base can get a little runny if you put too much on, but overall, thin layers or sponging should work well. I think this would amp up a nude mani and will be perfect for beach manicures in the summer.

Onto a new brand, now…

… “Strike a Pose” by Sinful Colors!!! I just found this today and it is going to be one of my favorite polishes now. It has some golden flakies and gold micro glitter in an almost-shimmery 98% black base with the tiniest hint of brown. This would be perfect for New Year’s Eve and Halloween especially. However, I know I’ll be wearing this a lot even over the summer. 🙂

And now…

… “Green Ocean” by Sinful Colors!!! This one lets off serious mermaid vibes. It has iridescent glitter in a gooey green jelly base. If you don’t feel like having three layers of this on, then use the glitter sponging method for a glitter-packed end result.


… (switching to different brands now) “Gaston And On And On” from the Beauty and the Beast Collection by Morgan Taylor!!! This is my new favorite light-blue lacquer. It is opaque in two to three coats and has a thin formula that I adore. I already have “Enchanted Patina”, the special antique-finish topper from this collection, so I’m excited to see how these look together!

Up now…

… “Brilliant” by Mineral Fusion!!! Looking for a sparkly slightly holographic hot pink? This one’s for you! Almost opaque in one coat, this polish will leave you with a stunning pink mani with a slight holo shimmer from the micro glitter.

Finally we have…

… “Red” from G by Guess!!! Unfortunately, this amazing lacquer doesn’t have a name, so I gave it a simple one. This is 99% opaque in one coat (awesome!) and such a perfect bright-red for summer. My new favorite red!!

Now, this is not a part of this haul, but I also picked up this really cute product when I grabbed “Strike a Pose” and “Green Ocean” in Walmart today; Piggy Paints. Adorable! I had very slightly heard of this brand and I found it on Instagram. It is a very adorable and natural company with an original mission to ensure that little girls dreaming of fancy manicures can enjoy the activity minus the yucky chemicals and other ingredients in kids polish. Piggy Paints isn’t just for kids though! This is a great solution for you if you’re looking for a polish that’s all-natural, non-toxic, and/or perfect for a mother-daughter mani day. More info and a review on these cute goodies next week! (Don’t wanna miss it? Subscribe to the blog over here! —>)

Whew! That’s all for my polish haul! Which one was your favorite? Comment below! I really like them all, but my two favorites are “Strike a Pose” and “Sultry”, not even counting how excited I am to try out Piggy Paints. ☺ You can shop all of these gorgeous varnishes in this list below with as many links as possible provided by the threesixtynails Nail Shop:

“Pure Pearl” ~ Revlon

“Sultry” ~ Revlon

“Nude Graffiti” ~ Revlon

“Strike a Pose” ~ Sinful Colors *Unavailable on 🙁

“Green Ocean” ~ Sinful Colors

“Gaston And On And On” ~ Morgan Taylor *duo set

“Brilliant” ~ Mineral Fusion

“Red” ~ G by Guess *Unavailable on 🙁

Nail Polish + File Pack ~ Piggy Paints

Before you go, real quick, I wanted to mention one more update on the site (beside the ones I mentioned on Instagram yesterday). A new page is #LacquerLikesList, the threesixtynails hashtag for the polishes that you really want sometime in the future. “#LacquerLikesList” is the threesixtynails version of “Lemming List” and I’m really enjoying the new hashtag. On that new page (you can check it out HERE or in the menu at the top of the site), you can create your very own #LacquerLikesList and you can optionally submit it for a chance to be featured! Also, use #LacquerLikesList on Instagram to share your lists and the polishes you finally find off of them. Enjoy!

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– Cali, host of threesixtynails

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  1. You do an AWESOME job of providing FANTASTIC content on your website!!!

    GREAT colors on the haul too!!!

    1. threesixtynailshost

      Thank you so much, Joe! Glad you enjoy it! I agree; this is one of my favorite batches of colors! 🙂

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