Pretty-for-the-Prom Manicure Series, Week 1: Glitter Manicure ~ New Nail Trend! ~ Updates and News

Good morning, everybody! I’m happy to be back on the normal schedule after a week where I was able to take some time for Instagram (@threesixtynails) attention. My Disney Princess Collaboration (celebrating 100 followers!) is coming up on April 15th; thank you to all the creative ladies who are participating and creating such fabulous manicures! Also, it’s funny that the day of the collaboration for 100 followers is coming up when @threesixtynails has almost hit 200. ☺ I’m so happy that I can share the fun of nail art with so many people. So, onto today’s post. We’re starting a new series to get you girls ready for the prom! Today’s mani is…

… Easy and Glam Glitter Manicure!!!!!!!!!!!! This is one of the most simple nail looks for the prom, but it’s still stunning and very easy to personalize. Today, you can learn how to create this glitzy look with a step-by-step and you can shop a selection of glitters that I highly recommend in the list below. Enjoy!

Recommended Glitter Polishes:

DND: Pretty In Pink (featured) *Sparkly light pink with holo sparkle

Formula X: Tide *Matte glitter midnight-blue/purple

Formula X: Marine *Matte glitter ocean-blue

NCLA x cutepolish: Having a Polish Blast *Jelly base with holo glitter and stars

Formula X: Highlighter *Shimmery/sparkly yellow (one of my favorites!)

Formula X: Astrolady *Matte glitter sparkly candy pink

*As you can see, many of the glitter polishes I recommend are from the brand Formula X, which has been discontinued in Sephora stores. You can find links to shop them in this post, and see some swatches and info at the post HERE.

Step 1:

Apply a basecoat, or a peel-off basecoat for easy removal, to keep your nails free of stains.

Step 2:

Choose your glitter polish (you can match it to your dress☺), then decide if it needs to be sponged or not. Sponging glitter onto your nail with a makeup sponge will increase the opacity of the glitter if it’s sparse.

Step 3:

Now apply your polish (painted or sponged) to all your nails. Two to three coats may be needed; let dry 4-5 mins between coats.

Step 4:

If you have a matte textured glitter, you can choose to apply glossy or matte topcoat. But, either way, once your polish has dried for a good 5 to ten mins, apply fast-drying topcoat; then, optionally, add a layer of matte.

Wasn’t that easy?! It’s great how simple-yet-stunning a glitter mani can be. Comment below if you’d like to see a post for removing glitter polish. In the meantime, a peel-off basecoat and/or some good acetone should get it off. Excess can always be buffed off with a nail file. And a glitter mani is so sparkly and gorgeous!

So now, onto something special! I had an idea recently and decided to try to start a nail trend with it. You can see in the image above that one of my nails is shorter than all the others. I call this a Mani Highlight Nail (#manihighlightnail) because it really highlights the manicure and adds a cute touch. I’m excited to try something cool with it next time I paint my nails; I’m planning to add some bling or fancy designs to that nail. I’ll do a full post about this fun trend soon, so subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss that! 🙂

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What do think; what’s your favorite update? My favorite is probably somewhere between Nail Support and threesixtynails TV; threesixtynails TV especially because there’s something really exciting coming soon!!! ☺

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– Cali, host of threesixtynails


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