Good afternoon, all! Recently, I’ve been loving some really pretty polishes that won’t break the bank, but that are still gorgeous and high-quality. So, I thought I’d showcase four of my faves today. Before we dive in, be sure, if you have Ad-Blocker installed on your device, to turn it off so you can enjoy all the fun in this post. Let’s go!

First up is…

… “Walking on Airs” by wet n wild wildshine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is one of my favorite blue polishes, as it’s the perfect sky shade for spring and summer. See it here in a mani I posted on Instagram (@threesixtynails):

This color from wet n wild is only 99 cents (!!!) and for the price is good quality; only two coats are needed and it’s pretty pigmented. wet n wild polish quality and prettiness surprised me pleasantly when I first started using them, and now they’re one of my go-tos when I need a cute-but-classic color. 🙂 You can find “Walking on Airs” in any local drugstore or department store.

Now onto…

… “Under Your Spell” by wet n wild megalast!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another one from the wet n wild brand, this gorgeous maroon/red/burgundy polish is so pretty and classic. As you can see, it has a red shimmer and is such a lovely deep color. See it featured here in a mani I posted on Instagram (@threesixtynails):

This one definitely needs two coats to have its true color shine through, but it dries relatively fast and, being the megalast formula, should last longer than the average polish. Bonus, this polish is just about $2.27! So glam and perfect for the office! Shop “Under Your Spell” at this link from the threesixtynails Nail Shop: .

And now…

… “In a Flash” by Sally Hansen Insta-Dri!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This timeless pearly polish with a hint of an iridescent shift brings back serious 1960-70 vibes. This can be worn as a sheer or as a pearly mani, and is so perfect for just about every simple manicure. See it featured here in a mani I posted on Instagram (@threesixtynails):

This polish, in one or two coats, is certainly a good one to add to your collection and has a nice formula. Only about $5.49 for this fabulousness! Shop it at this link from the threesixtynails Nail Shop: .


… “Extravagant” by Revlon!!!!!!!!!! Ahh, Revlon; the original nail enamel from the 1930s still is such a staple in the nail polish world. And they’re still going strong after over 50 years!! This polish is a real stunner, not only because of the color, but this gorgeous rosy dusty/shimmery pink is completely opaque in ONE COAT! See it featured here in a swatch I posted on Instagram (@threesixtynails):

This one has such a unique formula and has a way of making your nails look longer and thinner than they actually might be. Perfect for Spring and only about $6.29! Shop it at this link from the threesixtynails Nail Shop: .

That’s it for today’s Products of the Week post! What was your favorite polish? What theme Products of the Week post would you like to see next week? Are you enjoying Spring break (school or work) this week? Let me know down in the comments.

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– Cali, host of threesixtynails

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