Products of the Week: Sally Hansen Color Therapy, Whats Up Nails Chrome Powder, & OPI Nail Polish “I Sea You Wear OPI”

Good morning, everybody! Has anyone visited the threesixtynails Nail Shop lately? If so, you may have noticed that it now features my product reviews on the bottom! And if not, go check it out! 🙂 So, now, speaking of product reviews, I’ve got some fun ones for you in this post. I also added a new feature with related products to the products I’ve been reviewing, so if you have Ad-Blocker installed on your device, disable it temporarily so you can see the recommendations. Let’s begin!

Up first is…

… Color Therapy Nail Polish by Sally Hansen!!!!!!! First off, the polishes in this brand are GORGEOUS (pictured above: “Rosy Glow”), but the formula is amazing. These polishes are super-thin and they dry relatively quickly. I also love that they don’t give off the same harsh smell that most nail polishes do; it’s a more fruity/vegetable-like smell, and that likely has something to do with the fact that this amazing polish is infused with argan oil. This polish nourishes your nails, keeps they hydrated, and will create  beautiful and beneficial mani. I used “Rosy Glow” in my Abstract Flower Mani for Spring this week:

You can check out that post HERE and you can shop all of the amazing shades at this link from the Nail Shop: .

Now we have…

…. Chrome Powder by Whats Up Nails!!!!!!!!! This powder is AMAZING. Nail art powders are super trendy right now and I recently tried one out for myself. I purchased this incredible chrome powder from Whats Up Nails and I’m very pleased with quality. This powder can be used with gel polish, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish , and regular polish; I have yet to try it with or see it with essie Gel Couture or any other “no cure gel” brand. While this powder is so amazing and gorgeous, be warned: it is VERY messy.

After my first two experiments with  it, I had powder/glitter all over my work surface, my clothes, my counter, my silicon nail art matte, my hands, my fingers, and it’s probably on the floor, too. I washed my hands a bunch of times and even when I washed my hands in the shower, some of the powder was still left behind. I’m pretty sure it’s all gone now, though. I also wish that Whats Up Nails supplied a chrome-powder-compatible top coat. I have tons of top coats in my collection, and I tried at least 6-9 different ones that removed the mirror shine of the chrome powder and turned it glittery. Any recommendations for a good chrome-powder-compatible topcoat? Let everyone know in the comments or send me an email at

Overall, this powder is FANTASTIC and the mess is kind of worth it for the incredible effect. ☺ I created this mani with my Whats Up Nails Chrome Powder and Sally Hansen Big Crackle Top Coat:

You can shop this powder at this link from the Nail Shop: .

Finally we have…

… “I Sea You Wear OPI” by OPI!!!!!!!!!!!! This polish is STUNNING. It is an almost-sheer blue/purple shimmer with plenty of glitz and sparkle. In different lighting, you can see the amazing shift of blue and purple gorgeousness. Here’s a swatch that I posted on Instagram:

This pic does show this prettiness, but head over to @threesixtynails on Instagram to see it with a special filter that really enhances the effect. And follow @threesixtynails; you’ll always know when a new post goes up and there’s also loads of fun that goes on over there! Anyway, this OPI polish has a great formula and a fabulous color. One of my favorites. Shop all the awesome OPI shades, including “I Sea You Wear OPI” at this link from the Nail Shop: .

I hope you all enjoyed this super-fun products of the week post here on! What was your favorite product? Let me know down in the comments. I’m planning on doing a chrome powder nail art tutorial video next Wednesday, so be sure to tune in for that! And don’t forget; Monday is Pusheen day once again. 🙂 Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. O yeah, working with chrome powder is a very messy job. Luckily, there are some useful products such as liquid palisade, that can make your life easier. But it’s worth it, I love chrome nails, especially on burgundy base.

    1. threesixtynailshost

      Awesome tips, Polish Perfect! Ooh, burgundy; that’s a cool suggestion. Thanks! 🙂

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