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NB-What’s New on the Nail Polish Radar: China Glaze x My Little Pony Collection


Cali, host of threesixtynails

What’s New on the Nail Polish Radar: China Glaze x My Little Pony Collection

Everyone’s nail polish radar has been buzzing all around the China Glaze–an innovative nail polish company that pushes varnish boundaries to create new and trendy colors–and My Little Pony collaboration on the latest in lacquer collections. This collection has everyone shocked at the three full-on holographic glam polishes that took center stage in this group of varnishes. And, we’re experiencing the first straight-up linear holographic nail polish from any mainstream brand. We are so ready for this collection!

“Applejack of My Eye” is a strawberry red cream with a dash of orange. So pretty and fun for Summer, even Fall!

“She’s a Mane-Iac” is a stunning hot pink with an elegant satin finish and splash of pink shimmer. Very fun–Pinkie Pie™ would approve.

“Sweet as Pinkie Pie™” is a cute light pink cream with a peachy undertone that makes it just the shade of the fun-loving pony. Perfect for Spring or could get away with being neutral!

“Cutie Mark™ the Spot” is a unique pistachio green cream with a splash of blue undertones. Lovely for Spring and Summer!

“One Polished Pony” has all the blue sparkle and turquoise frost/cream you want this Summer. Rainbow Dash™ would love this one!

Cerulean blue just got an upgrade with “Too Busy Being Awesome”, a dazzling cream with a bold finish. Perfect for Summer manicures.

“Kill ‘Em with Kindness” should be Flutter Shy’s™ signature shade with it’s soft lemon/banana yellow hue and delightful cream formula. Beautiful for any season!

Shout “Hay Girl Hay!” when you see this gorgeous iridescent shimmer topper with some holographic dashes and celestial vibe. Stunning!

“Let Your Twilight Sparkle™” with this glam blue-to-purple shimmer topper with undertones of holo and really pretty glimmer in the sunshine. The princess pony would adore this.

“I Just Canterlot” is an incredible holographic glitter in a grape purple jelly base that will stun in the sun. Gorgeous on any skin tone.

You’ll have to ask “Where’s the Party Canon At?” when you’ve got this beauty on your nails, it’s holographic glitter in a berry/magenta jelly base dazzling as your mani. This will even work great in the Fall!

And lastly, we arrive at the incredible holographic-ness that is “I Sea Ponies”, the beautiful silver holographic that stands out in this awesome collection. With it’s subtle-but-stunning linear rainbow holographic effect, this one is sure to be a fan-favorite!

The last segment of this collection is this two-piece friendship lacquer set, featuring “Best Ponies Forever”, a beautiful warm-toned gold chrome, and “Songbird Serenade™”, a black cream with a chic abundance of purple/crimson shimmer.  Songbird Serenade is the cute pony-ized version of Sia, whose voice appears in the “My Little Pony: The Movie” (in theaters October 6th, 2017), so this polish is styled after this pop star pony. This set comes with two adorable friendship rings for you and your bestie to share.

This collection is stunning, groundbreaking, and has a variety of polishes for everyone to enjoy! The collection will officially be available in stores/online on July 3rd, and is already available on Amazon.com HERE. Learn more from China Glaze HERE. See some swatches on Instagram HERE. Share your manis with #chinaglaze on social!

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