threesixtynails Holidays

Nail Artists deserve some fun holidays just like everything else, so threesixtynails has created some holidays for Nail Artists to enjoy! Celebrate on your blog, site, and/or Social Media to spread the fun!

January: Oldies Manis Week (#threesixtynailsoldiesmanisweek) ~ Head back to the inception days of nail art and sport red nails, half-moon manicures, full-moon manicures, french manicures, and more!

February: Pink Polish Day (#threesixtynailspinkpolishday) ~ Show some love for pink polish by incorporating it into nail art, showing off some swatches, and/or wearing your fave color in a mani!

March: Hand Painting Appreciation Day (#threesixtynailshpaday) ~ Never tried hand painting before? Today’s a great day to try it out, or show some appreciation for your favorite hand painted nail designs and artists!

April: Ode to Floral Fashion Nail Art Week (#threesixtynailsotffnailartweek) ~ So much fabulous floral fashion sweeps the globe around the Springtime, so let’s translate it all into nail art! Share your favorite floral manis and try out some bold designs for the Spring!

May: Splashy-for-Summer Nail Art Day (#threesixtynailssfsnailartday) ~ We’re celebrating water-inspired nail art today. Show some love for water droplet, water marble, and tarashikomi designs; try something new!

June: Bold Manicure Week (#threesixtynailsboldmanicureweek) ~ This week, let’s go out of our comfort zone. Sport a bold, bright, fun, eye-catching, and/or wild nail art, or a design you don’t normally wear!

July: Flag Nails Day (#threesixtynailsflagnailsweek) ~ Celebrate your home and/or favorite country with some flag-inspired nails today!

August: Master the Matte Manicure Week (#threesixtynailsmtmmweek) ~ Not a pro at matte manis? Well, now’s your chance to master it! Share you progress in designs you create this week with a matte finish!

September: Ode to Inner-Style Nail Art Day (#threesixtynailsotisnailartday) ~ You showcase your personality and inner-style in your nail art and manis all the time, but today, really take some time and pick out your favorite fashion, food, season, colors, patterns; any “favorite” of yours that really shows who you are!

October: Yummy Nail Art Week (#threesixtynailsyummynailartweek) ~ Yum! Create some delicious nails this week inspired by desserts, picnics, sushi, pizza; if you can eat it, you can create it!

November: 15 Day Nail Art Challenge (#threesixtynails15DNAC) ~ Having a hard time working with the traditional 31 Day Challenge? Cut that time approx. in half with the 15 Day Nail Art Challenge! Check the blog around the first week of November for schedule and badge details!

December: Winter Mani Day (#threesixtynailswintermaniday) ~ Whether it be snowmen, Christmas, snowflakes, dark colors, penguins, Hanukkah, fruitcake, or any other holiday or winter icon, celebrate your wintery spirit with a manicure inspired by this chilly but gorgeous season!