NEW threesixtynails All Things Nails Tag

Hey, Polished People! I hope you had a fantastic week. I had an idea a while ago, since I enjoy doing tags, to create my own! As a start, I tag Alli Evette, bonitajuanita, and Moon Baby Nails. But, guess what?! I also tag all of YOU, all my Polished People, to do this tag, too! So if you do this tag on your blog, YouTube, Instagram, other social media, or on a piece of paper at home, tag me, comment, or email, so I can feature you!

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Nail Art/Polish Q&A!!!! :)

Good early-afternoon, everyone! Again, thank you so much to all my wonderful followers on Instagram for helping @threesixtynails reach 1,400! This community is so amazing and the many lovely nail artists I’ve connected with are so supportive and kind. So, in honor of this fabulous milestone, I’m doing a Nail Art/Polish Q&A! I posted on Instagram to ask you to comment or DM any nail-related questions you’d like me to answer, and I picked a whole bunch to answer in today’s blog post. Let’s get into it!

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Fall Mani Inspo!

Good morning, everyone! I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for Fall to be here. Cooler weather, Halloween nail art, pumpkin spice; I’m ready. 🙌🏻  However, I have a hard time thinking Fall nail polish to use because I naturally prefer brighter colors (comment below if you’re the same way). So, later in the month, I’ll be doing a “Fall Polish Picks” post to help out others who need some ideas for polishes to wear this season.  But for today, I’ve put together a bunch of pretty images I’ve found (select image credits for the site are available HERE) that I hope give you some ideas of nail colors and nail art you can wear this Fall. Enjoy!

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Top 5 Scheduling Tips for Nail Bloggers

Good morning, all! I got a great response on my Top 10 Tips for Nail Art/Tech Instagrammers post from this Tuesday, so I’m continuing on with a similar-style post. I’m sharing my top 5 scheduling tips for nail bloggers because I know it can be difficult to get a schedule together between juggling the rest of your life and all that goes into creating great nail-related posts. Let’s get into it!

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Gradient vs. Ombre: What’s the Difference? ~ NEW QUIZ ~ Amazon Prime + Awesome Nail Deals = :)

Good morning, guys! Today’s post will be a little different than usual Mondays. We’re going to be talking about the difference between a gradient and an ombre. These terms can get confusing when you first begin nail art. But, don’t worry! You’ll learn all about it right now!

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Beginner Nail Artist’s Handbook, Edition 1: Nail Polish ~ Polish Essentials you can find for under $12!

Good morning, everybody! Today, in place of traditional Products of the Week, I’m bringing you the first edition of a new series: Beginner Nail Artist’s Handbook. These posts will be dedicated to helping new nail artists get started with their nail art, from showing you how to build up a collection for an inexpensive amount of money to teaching you simple designs to the start with. They will be a little longer than usual, because I want to make sure you have a wealthy amount of details and info to refer to when picking out your tools/polish. Also, this post is not sponsored by any of the polishes I’m mentioning. Today, I’ll be showing you how you can build up a collection of basic polishes for under $12! Yes, it can be done. ☺ So, let’s get started!

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