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2017 Christmas/Winter Nail Art Recap

Hey, Polished People! Christmas is my favorite holiday and with a fun holiday comes fun nail art, so I’ve decided to compile allllllll of my Christmas nail art up ’til now for you. If there’s a tutorial link, I will include it so you can go to it via the image. Enjoy!

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TUTORIAL VIDEO: 3 Polish Challenge! ~ Nail Buzz & Site Updates

Good afternoon, everyone! This week, I thought I’d do something a little different and fun: a challenge video! 🙂 Have you ever seen a “three marker challenge” before? This is like that. If you haven’t, a three marker challenge is where you pick three markers blindly and then draw/color with them. So, for this challenge, I pick three polishes blindly and then create a manicure with them. I’ve filmed a video for it today so you can see the process. I had fun with this challenge! ☺ Enjoy!

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Products of the Week: Nail Polish Haul! ~ Sneak-Peek of Upcoming Product Review ~ #LacquerLikesList

Good afternoon, everybody! So, since I really enjoyed last week’s switch-up-lineup, the new schedule for the threesixtynails blog is now:

Monday ~ [free day] *generally a day for step-by-step/pictorial series

Wednesday ~ Products of the Week

Friday ~ Nail Art Tutorial Video

Anyway, that means that today is now Products of the Week and this is one of my favorites so far. Today’s post is…

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