Site FAQ

Where are your full tutorial videos? I only see snippets on Instagram.

You can find threesixtynails tutorial videos on threesixtynailsTV, the site’s YouTube channel, and in their specific blog post. Be sure to subscribe to threesixtynailsTV on YouTube so you don’t miss the uploads twice a week!

I am a nail-related company. Do you do swatches/reviews? (Can I sponsor a blog post/Nail Buzz feature/giveaway/coupon code?)

Yes! Absolutely! Email and we can work out details! Also, check the SERVICES PAGE for more details and specifics.

When will I get an answer for the Nail Support email I sent you?

I always try to answer these emails as soon as I am able; if I don’t get back to you right away, please check the TIPS list on the Nail Support page. If you still can’t find what you need and it’s been over a week since you’ve sent your email, DM me on Instagram or email me at to let me know that you’ve yet to receive a response.

Why do you have three emails and one

I use my admin-, nailsupport-, and addresses for what their named for. I use for designing quizzes and forms, sending out post notifications to subscribers, and sending out Nail Buzz post notifications to subscribers. It’s also used for sending in QOTW answers. The gmail one is mainly for quick things and site additives.

I LOOOVE your blog and I’m an up-and-coming nail artist with my own blog or Instagram! Can you feature me?

So glad you’re doing something you love and sharing it! Featuring other nail artists and companies is different for each circumstance. Send me an email at and/or, and maybe we can work something out! In the meantime, greatest of luck to you! 🙂

Also, for another form of being “featured”, you can stick the hashtag #threesixtynailsNBfeature and/or tag @threesixtynails on your nail art posts on Instagram for a chance to be one of the five nail designs featured in “threesixtynails Nailstagram Spotlights” on Nail Buzz! Read more about it HERE.

Any advice for nail artists with blogs/sites/Instagram accounts/YouTube channels?

For bloggers: Be pretty consistent with your posts. Have a schedule or a certain amount of posts per week. Have a way for your audience to subscribe to your blog so they don’t miss new posts! Blog about things you enjoy and you’ll have much more awesome posts. 🙂

For sites: Try to have your content as polished (pun not intended) as possible so that everything runs smoothly/looks clean. Create an inviting and fun environment, give some background on your site (why you started it, what people can enjoy on it, some brief things about yourself, etc.), and provide a variety of things for your audience to enjoy.

For Instagram accounts: Try to post daily. Post things that you enjoy and that you hope others will enjoy! Don’t stress if your follower growth slows for periods of time; this happens to everyone, including me. 🙂 Just have fun with what you’re posting, generally follow back nail/makeup-centric accounts, and stay active in your account.

For YouTube channels: Choose a schedule for your videos to go up; viewers appreciate a solid upload schedule. Post videos that you enjoy and that you hope others will enjoy! Remember that it takes time to build up subscribers, so give your channel time to gain subscribers, viewers, and likes; hundreds of followers don’t happen overnight! Choose some of your favorite YouTubers who have channels related to yours and list their channels on your channel. Make sure you have a structured about and list a business inquiries email. Altogether, just have fun!

When was created?

It was created in January of 2017. Blogging became one of my favorite ways to share nail art/polish in August 2016 when I created a small-scale blog in Google Docs to share with friends. I’d been into web design and nail art for a little longer, so when all three met together they created the fabulous chemistry for! 


Why is threesixtynails called “threesixtynails”?

“threesixtynails” was the name I chose because I wanted to have something that encompassed all things nail-related (hence my tagline) from nail art to polish to nail care to, well, all things nails! 🙂 Also, my logo represents the all things nails theme, too; the polish bottle with rotating arrows (three-hundred-sixty degrees around) is a fantabulous mascot for the brand.

I just commented on a blog post but I don’t see it posted. Where is it?

Comments for threesixtynails need to be manually approved. Check back in a few hours to a day; it should be posted by then and I’ll have responded! 

I’m seeing random text in the sidebar or on the footer–what are those for?

The text you’re seeing goes along with ad banners that threesixtynails visitors may be interested in–they will take you to destinations when clicked. If you’re seeing text and no ads, disable Ad-Blocker or any other ad block system you have on your device.

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