About Me

How long have you been doing nail art?

About three years. The first few designs I can remember creating when actually considering nail art was a galaxy mani and a Japanese emoji design inspired by CutePolish.

Are you a certified nail tech?

No, I am a DIY nail artist. Being a nail tech might something I’d do in the future though!

What’s your favorite color to wear on your nails?

All of them! As I always say, I’ve never met a polish I didn’t like. 🙂

How many polishes do you own?

Oh, boy. Let me go count.

What made you want to create threesixtynails.com?

I’ve always been a creative and entrepreneurial person, so one day almost two years ago, I was listening to a Podcast about starting a business, joining the Amazon Associates Program, and creating your own website. It really inspired me, so I worked on finding the right services and tools to build something I’m really passionate about. Before threesixtynails, I was working with a small business to have an informal nail art blog on a Google Doc to promote their nail polish brand, so I always say that my blogiversary is sometime in August 2016 when I started that. Eventually, that all fell through, so I decided to take my nail art to the next level and share it on the internet. Since threesixtynails was created, I’ve had so many amazing experiences and have connected with so many great people. I am so thankful for what started out as my simple Google Docs nail art blog has become!

About the Site

When will new blog posts come out?

It all depends. In the last several months, I haven’t been blogging as much as I would like to, but lately, I’ve been adding at least one post per week. Subscribe to the blog so you always know when a new post is available!

How do I subscribe to the blog?

There is a Google Form in the sidebar of this website, just over to the right on a computer (maybe on the bottom on  mobile device). Just input your name, email, Instagram (optional), and you’re subscribed!

No offense, but how do I unsubscribe from the blog?

Just reply to whatever the last blog post notification was with: **Please unsubscribe me from the threesixtynails.com blog** (please include the asterisks so I know it’s an official request) 

I am a nail polish/care/tool company. What services do you offer? Can you review my product(s)?

Email admin@threesixtynails.com and we can work out details! Please visit the Services page for more info.

Any advice for nail artists with blogs/sites/Instagram accounts/YouTube channels?

For bloggers: Be pretty consistent with your posts. Have a schedule or a certain amount of posts per week. Have a way for your audience to subscribe to your blog so they don’t miss new posts! Blog about things you enjoy and you’ll have much more awesome posts. 🙂

For sites: Try to have your content as polished (pun not intended) as possible so that everything runs smoothly/looks clean. Create an inviting and fun environment, give some background on your site (why you started it, what people can enjoy on it, some brief things about yourself, etc.), and provide a variety of things for your audience to enjoy.

For Instagram accounts: Try to post daily. Post things that you enjoy and that you hope others will enjoy! Don’t stress if your follower growth slows for periods of time; this happens to everyone, including me. 🙂 Just have fun with what you’re posting, generally follow back nail/makeup-centric accounts, and stay active in your account.

For YouTube channels: Choose a schedule for your videos to go up; viewers appreciate a solid upload schedule. Post videos that you enjoy and that you hope others will enjoy! Remember that it takes time to build up subscribers, so give your channel time to gain subscribers, viewers, and likes; hundreds of followers don’t happen overnight! Choose some of your favorite YouTubers who have channels related to yours and list their channels on your channel. Make sure you have a structured about and list a business inquiries email. Altogether, just have fun!

When was threesixtynails.com created?

It was created in January of 2017

Why is the significance of the name “threesixtynails?”

threesixtynails was the name I chose (after much debate, a big whiteboard, and a brainstorming session with my family) because I wanted to have something that encompassed all things nail-related, hence my tagline, from nail art to polish to nail care to, well, all things nails! 🙂

What is the significance of your logo?

My logo represents the all things nails theme, too; the polish bottle with rotating arrows (three-hundred-sixty degrees around) represents what my website is all about. P.S. If you’ve seen the new threesixtybeauty logo, notice that it is a lipstick with the same arrows!

I just commented on a blog post but I don’t see it posted. Where is it?

Comments for threesixtynails need to be manually approved. Check back in a few hours to a day; it should be posted by then and I’ll have responded! P.S. I don’t always go through my comments because so much spam can pile up; if you have a comment you really want me to see, definitely send me an email.