Polish Your Luck

The fun and lightning-fast nail art elimination game on Instagram.

Want to play a fun game on Instagram with all your nail artist pals? Send your best/favorite nail art to @threesixtynails through DM and be placed in 1 of 8 slots of the threesixtynails Elimination Game, Polish Your Luck. Non-contestants vote for their least favorite mani through several rounds–although every mani is GORGEOUS!!!–and when the rounds are over, one lucky manicure will be the winner! The winner receives a shout-out in the @threesixtynails Instagram Story and a solo spotlight on Nail Buzz. A notification will go up twice a month when a new game is beginning. Keep your eyes peeled!


✨The first mani with 5 votes, is OUT
✨Contestants CANNOT vote
✨Don’t get upset if you don’t win. You are eligible to participate every time, and all the manis in every game are 🙌🏻GORGEOUS🙌🏻!

How to Play:

✨While they’re all beautiful, comment and vote for your LEAST FAVORITE mani out of the 6
✨You can only vote ONCE and for ONE mani

What you win:

A shout-out on the @threesixtynails Instagram Story and a solo spotlight on Nail Buzz!

Submit your manicures to Polish Your Luck via Direct Message on Instagram!!