NB-What’s your favorite nail polish brand? – REAL Nail Artist Answers!

8/21/17 Cali, host of threesixtynails What’s your favorite nail polish brand? – REAL Nail Artist Answers! There are so many amazing nail polish brands and companies in the world, so how can you possibly pick a favorite? We asked nail artists on Instagram what their favs are and here’s what they had to say: “Opi” – @sean_626 “1. Ilnp 2.Opi 3.Nails Inc” – @thenailchronicle “Opi, essence and ulta3….sorry to hard to choose just one ” – @kawaiiplusnails “Anything from Sally Hansen!!” – @sofia_nailart “Fingerprints and China Glaze” – @c_c_nails410 “Celestial Cosmetics (Aussie Indie)” – @lisa_kovacs76 “That’s a tough answer but for mainstream, I’d say Sinful Colors and for Indie, I’d say Sweet and Sour Lacquer” – @jodies.nailz “ZOYA ” – @basicnailstamping “Bonjour” – @ritzy_rockzz “Nails inc prolly” – @artissent.nails “Essence” – @i_am_seraina “Mainstream for me is either Australis Cosmetics or Face of Australia (both Australian Brands) international probably Sally Hansen/OPI/Essence. But indie currently Twinkled T or glam polish I don’t have many to begin.” – @rikkinails “Opi” – @nailart_swagger “Mainstream Sally Hansen, specifically Xtreme Wear line, Indie Glam Polish and Penelope Luz” – @emfqy “❤SinfulColorsNailPolish” – @for.the.love.of.lacquer “Anything Sally Hansen. Not a fan of the brush size and shape though” – @mynailartdreams “Sinful Colors” – @michellehilbrant “Indie brands Glisten and Glow, Diffrent Dimensions & CupCake polish . Main stream polishes China Glaze, Opi and Essie” – @susie_polish “@picturepolish (Australian Indie Brand)” – @freaknailess “Essie.” – @mama_loves_nails “Semilac” – @nails_by_liv.x “Sorbet tho they don’t carry what my spirit animal does😊” – @latinlove1910 Thank you for all the awesome answers, everyone! There will be a threesixtynails.com Question of the Week posted on Instagram about twice a month so be sure to answer and be featured like this! Share this article:   ← back to Nail Buzz