NB-Nail Buzz Exclusive Interview: Madame Roxie (Ashley Alexander), owner of Pin-Up Polish Bar

7/18/17 Cali, host of threesixtynails Nail Buzz Exclusive Interview: Madame Roxie, owner of Pin-Up Polish Bar Thank you so much, Ashley, for doing this interview with Nail Buzz! It was a pleasure meeting you and discussing the joy we find in nail design. Now, onto the interview! Madame Roxie (aka, Ashley Alexander), owner of Pin-Up Polish Bar ↓(Key: bold–interviewer, italics–interviewee)↓ Good morning, Ashley! So excited to have you doing this interview for Nail Buzz! Now, let’s get started. Why did you decide to open up Pin-Up Polish Bar? I’ve always loved the vintage lifestyle, 50s and 60s. The fashion! So I wanted an environment where I could bring that flare back; in nails. Wow, very cool! Do you have any other nail techs in the salon or are you the only nail tech? Right now, I’m the only nail tech. However, I’m working on expanding. Awesome. What’s your favorite part about running a nail salon/bar? It’s my OWN business, LOL. Where is your nail bar located? Right now, Norcross, GA. Great details about your nail bar! Okay, so now some more personal questions. What is your favorite nail trend right now? Encapsulated nail art and 3D are my top faves! Neat! What’s your favorite nail set you’ve ever created/designed? I can’t choose! I love them all.. But my favorite maybe the Coca Cola bears I did for Christmas. I had one aquarium nail, 3D polar bears, and a 3D aquarium coke bottle. When I moved my hands, it looked like the bear was drinking a coke. It was really cool! So amazing! How many manicures do you give/create in a week? Each week changes. Sometimes too many to count! LOL. Interesting. What advice do you have for someone trying to earn their nail tech/cosmetology degree or get into the nail tech/art industry? Never give up! Sometimes things get tough, you may doubt yourself, people may not support you, etc. But never ever forget WHY you do what you do! Never stop learning! There is always something to learn and ways to improve. Great advice, Ashley! Thank you for doing the interview! You can check out Madame Roxie’s Instagram where she posts all her gorgeous nail art HERE and see some info about her nail bar HERE. If you’re in the Georgia area, be sure to stop by her salon! Share this article:   ← back to Nail Buzz