NB-Interview with Mike and Victor Homma, founders of Chill Zone Nails

9/16/17 Cali, host of threesixtynails Interview with Mike and Victor Homma, founders of Chill Zone Nails Thank you so much, Mike and Victor, for doing this interview with Nail Buzz! And thank you to Dana for working with threesixtynails! Now, onto the *interview! *The first half of the questions (business) was answered by Mike and second half (personal) was answered by Victor. ↓(Key: bold–interviewer, italics–interviewee)↓ Good morning, Mike and Victor! So excited to have you doing this interview for Nail Buzz! Now, let’s get started. What’s the story behind Chill Zone Nails? We began with the Topcoat. It was actually a mistake. I was trying to put two partially filled bottles of topcoat into one bottle to save the little bit that was left on the almost finished one. They were different products that weren’t supposed to go together and I thought it was ruined initially but decided to try it out anyway. It worked better than anything I had ever seen. It had some flaws in its appearance, but it did exactly what we say our topcoat does. Dries in approximately 2 mins, wears like a gel, comes off with standard nail polish remover. We have since modified the formulation to make it clear and enhanced the wear. We took these adaptations to the nail polish and came up with a basecoat combination as well to stick to a moderately clean nail. Most people don’t always prepare the nail as they should and we wanted to have a system that was a little more forgiving of the need to prepare the nail surface for nail polish. In doing this, we created a system that is both able to come off without soaking but lasts like a gel and dries quickly. All the upside of a gel and none of the downside. You don’t have to worry about ruining your nails because you touched them because they dry so quickly. Hence the slogan: “Live Life Uninhibited” You no longer have to wait a long time for your nails to dry, and taking them off is a snap. You can wear them for more than a week or remove them immediately, it is up to you. You go crazy on the weekend with bright colors and change them to work-appropriate colors Sunday night. What an amazing story! What inspired you to create your own nail polish brand? The inspiration for creating our own nail-polish brand came from wanting to provide colors that were trending and at the same time have a system that allowed you to choose when you changed the color because the time your nails lasted was no longer a consideration. You were the one in charge of deciding when you changed your nail color. That’s really cool. All the names are so unique! What’s your favorite thing about your business? Being able to provide product for people with a safer choice for nail polish products without giving up on longer wear. No more soaking off gel polish in acetone or accepting that your nails would only last a day or two. Our solution gives you a long-lasting polish that comes off with standard nail polish remover and dries quickly. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to make having good looking nails not be a painful or hazardous experience. No more grinding or soaking to remove a gel. That’s so wonderful. Healthy polish is such a good thing to have in the nail world! What’s your favorite nail polish you’ve ever created? It’s not polish, but the top coat is still my favorite of the system. If I have to pick a color it would be one of the neutrals like “No Nudes for You”. A nice everyday color with a fun name. Fun! Now onto some more nail-art-related questions. What is your favorite nail trend right now? Solid colors with glitter. Yes, that’s a cool one. What’s your favorite nail set you’ve ever created/designed? Flames in all colors and scrolling – I created scrolling by cutting in colors and glitters in acrylic adding colors every fill. Sounds amazing! Do you work in/own a nail salon or are you an independent nail tech? I am a Salon owner and a nail tech. Nice. What advice do you have for someone trying to create a nail polish company or get into the nail tech/art industry? Create your own edge and style. Don’t be a follower. Great advice, Victor! Thank you both for doing the interview! You can check out Chill Zone’s Instagram where they post pics of their polishes and other products HERE and purchase their fabulous polishes HERE. Also, if you’re in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, be sure you check out Victor’s nail salon, Entrè Hair and Nails! Share this article:   ← back to Nail Buzz