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NB-How many times per week do you paint your nails? – REAL Nail Artist Answers!


Cali, host of threesixtynails

How many times per week do you paint your nails? – REAL Nail Artist Answers!

Big question: How many times per week do you paint your nails? There are actually a huge variety of different answers and they’re all so amazing and unique! We asked nail artists on Instagram and here’s what they had to say:

“I would say I do my nails twice a week.” – @mackienails

“Daily one time.. and during weekends 2-3 times!!.. so around 10 times a week probably!!!😂” – @madnailyard

“Two times on average. I get really food mileage outta my manis and I hate to redo them when they still look nice.” – @fabnaturalnails

“About 2times 😊😊” – @c_c_nails410

“Usually three times a week for me” – @imbunnybutton

“@madnailyard same here 😂😂😂😅🙈 [10x per week]” – @nkstyles22 

“About 3 times a week” – @jodies.nailz

“Typically I used to paint my nails around 3-4 times per week, but now that it’s Summer, that number has become very unpredictable! When I’m on vacation I can go weeks without doing my nails simply because I didn’t pack my nail supplies hehe. On other days, I change my mani several days within hours of each other! To sum it up, it really depends on the day. In any case, trying out new designs are always very fun!! 😊💅🙈” – @alysnailcorner

“@fabnaturalnails same here, I hate to redo them when they still look nice but once a week for me.” – @holo_its_lalas_nails

“Once a week” – @simplegirlgoa

“I would say about 14 times a week. Probably more now in the summer. *Not at all a nail polish freek*” – @annomundiz

“It varies, if I like how the design turn out, I can go a week without changing it!” – @sunnipolish

“3 or 4” – @nikki.3412

“Around 7-8 times😇” – @berlinailarts

“I try to go just one tome per week, I used my whole manicure till it lasts. Two times max. But of course If you only paint four nails just for a IG photo you’re gonna do then way more times, I really don’t see the fun in that, putting four pretty nails for a picture but having your nails uneven in color and shape when you go around to the mall or whatever, but you know, that’s my opinion 😂” – @vglopez2890

“Like twice” – @nailcola_

“Three times a week” – @budding_nailartist

“Everyday,sometimes twice to four times a day,believe me I know its wrong,but when your thinking of ways to make things easier or better/curious about the strengths of polish trust me when I tell you each stroke renders great curves,if cut my beautiful long tipsies short as I’m going to try tips and fun stuff on my personal self in the rage of perfecting Polish art,I can write with both my hands,paint with both of them can I art within a limited space???that’s what I’m aiming in doing..,I paint remove till I have to do something equally as important, painting my nails is everything but a hobby, its a polished way of life.💯💖the way I get things done when im curious, at the moment working on decal without the stamp and fingers crossed ladies if I could create five fingered hands for a Mani how much more can I do ??? I’m a # polishedaddict and everything in that since is perfect …and if I can create a Mani I can dovalmost anything. Here’s to my next purpose special creation for the collab I’m painting like 10 times and trying new things 💋💯💖you @threesixtynails” – @latinlove1910

“3 to 4 times a week.. Depending on new nail trends i wanna try out😊” – @crush_for_nails

“About 3-5 X a week.” – @nanalovesnails

“Between 3-6 days a week!!!” – @diamond_lacquer

“For real, once 🙂 no time for more! Every once in a while I sit down and film like 15 at a time” – @idrinkwineandpaintnails_

“1 or 2 times a week, it depends if I am working on collaboration or if my mani has been destroyed by truck day at work lol..though I have been using a peel off base coat recently because I am in my untrieds and boy does it make doing my manis so much easier when they are destroyed by truck and boxes lol I want my mani to last but I also want to try every different type of nail art under the sun, so I got to the point where once I take my pics and videos and post them, if my mani gets beat up then so be it..time to switch out lol I also only do them that few becaise of the fumes, even with a fan they get to me sometimes..pretty sure if I go out the world by fumes at least my nails will look amazing haha” – @evilcupcake85

“About 4-5” – @sierrababy

“Just once a week, work and family limits my hobby time 😉” – @alaskanails907

“Omg lol 3 times a day sometimes haha” – @pretty.in.polish.nails

“Probably 3 times” – @simply.nailove

“3-4 ish” – @kittycat_nails

“2, and always wish for more 😢” – @emfqy

“7-10 times per week…it is my wind down time after kids and auditing and tax clients!!” – @pumpkinails

Thank you for all the awesome answers, everyone! There will be a threesixtynails.com Question of the Week posted on Instagram every week, so be sure to answer and be featured like this!

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