Nail Support

↓ Your very own help desk for all things nails. ↓

Need some assistance with choosing a good basecoat, fixing your yellowing nails, repairing a broken nail, and/or any nail-related questions? Email:

These are some basic tips to help with some common nail issues:

Nail Yellowing: Scrub your nails with toothpaste and/or try Bubble White from the threesixtynails Nail Shop.

Ripped Nail: Use some nail glue to put your nail back together.

Messy Cuticles after Polishing: Use precision Q-tips and/or a slanted nail art brush to make your cuticles nice and neat.

Grow out your Nails: Use a strengthening or regular base coat; moisturize your hands cuticles with cuticle butter, cuticle oil, and/or hand cream; and file your nails instead of cutting them.

Need some more tips? Feel free to email at the address above!

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