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threesixtynails Nailstagram Spotlights ~ 6/11/17

Thank you to those who re-created designs from the blog and their favorite manis and tagged them with #threesixtynailsNBfeature this week!

Kawaii Nail Polish Nail Art Re-Creation by @alwayspolished85

Whimsical & Pastel Unicorn Nail Art Re-Creation by @nails_by_jacie

Sparkly Holographic Mani by @sierrababy2

Sponged Floral Nails by @latinlove1910

Cute Pokemon Nail Art by @nailswitherica

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Cali, host of threesixtynails

5 Tips for Getting your Manicure done when you’re Hurrying Out the Door

Struggle with not having smeared, chipped, smooshed, or wrinkled polish when rushing out the door? Here are five tips that’ll help you get out the door with a clean mani!

Step 1: Do your mani the night or day before you have your “out the door” moments ~ Set aside some time the day before you need to be somewhere where you’d like to have a nice mani so you can take your time and keep your mani nice and neat.

Step 2: Use a fast-drying topcoat ~ After giving your mani a minute or two to dry, apply a generous amount of fast-drying topcoat and let it sit for about 5-10 minutes

Step 3: Use a one-coat polish or do thin coats of another polish ~ A one-coat polish is always awesome because it’s gorgeous, opaque, and fast. However, if you don’t have a one-coat polish, just try to do thinner coats of another polish and don’t forget your fast-drying topcoat!

Step 4: Use a hairdryer to dry your polish ~ Set your hairdryer on LOW and COOL and hold it about 8 inches away from your nails so you don’t make ripples in the polish.

Step 5: Try products like Insta-Dri by Sally Hansen *not sponsored ~ Fast-drying polishes like Insta-Dri by Sally Hansen are great, even in two coats, because they dry very quickly. Check out a great selection of Insta-Dri polishes in the threesixtynails Nail Shop HERE and a huge set of them HERE.


Cali, host of threesixtynails

A Revolution in the Nail Polish World: Polish Posy

Intrigued by this amazing nail polish holder? This is Polish Posy, the patented nail polish holder created by Kunga Choekyi. This has been and will be such a breakthrough for DIY nail artists and nail techs worldwide. Learn more about Kunga Choekyi and Polish Posy by clicking the image (via below to read Polish Posy’s interview with Shoreline Times:

“They named it the Polish Posy. In the design of a lotus flower, with little nubs that firmly grasp different bottle shapes and sizes, it’s the ‘world’s first multiple nail polish holder that is non-slip and tilts bottles security to keep polish spills at bay,’ according to”

Want your own Polish Posy? Polish Posy will be releasing very soon! Read THIS POST on Instagram (@polishposy) to learn more. Polish Posy is sure to have such amazing-ness in store for the nail world to enjoy!


Cali, host of threesixtynails

threesixtynails Nailstagram Spotlights ~ 6/4/17

Summer’s here and it’s brought a fresh wave of nail art! Enjoy this week’s features!

Bright Floral Mani by @nails_by_rishvee

Colorful Nails by @ritzynailartist009

“Keep Calm and Polish On” Nail Art by @alwayspolished85

Beauty and the Beast Nail Art by @_nails_designs

“Different Delight” Nails by @berlinailarts

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threesixtynails Nailstagram Spotlights ~ 5/28/17

So many new posts with #threesixtynailsNBfeature and so much awesome nail art all over Nailstagram! Here’s the five lovely designs for this week!

Tiffany Blue Mani by @sierrababy2

Geode Swirl Nail Art by @nails_by_rishvee

Shark Mani by @idrinkwineandpaintnails_

Kawaii Ice Cream Cone Nails by @xglitzandpolishx

Bright ‘n’ Fun Stripe Nail Art by @enaildiaries

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Cali, host of threesixtynails

threesixtynails Nailstagram Spotlights ~ 5/21/17

Thank you to all the creative nail artists who’ve been tagging their nail art with #threesixtynailsNBfeature! And a special thank you to @alwayspolished85 for re-posting an NB Feature announcement and spreading the word!

Adorable Plaid Manicure by @enaildiaries


Natural-Nail Fern Nail Art by @idrinkwineandpaintnails_

Cute Coffee Nails by @thenailchronicle

Glam Mermaid Mani by @alwayspolished85

Minnie Mouse-inspired Nail Art by @swatchspot

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threesixtynails Nailstagram Spotlights ~ Mother’s Day/Spring Edition

Another week brings more nail art! This week, there was a theme for Mother’s Day/Spring nail designs and there are five lovely ones below! Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day Nails by @gidwaney

Fun Floral Manicure by @ritzynailartist009

“Love You Mom” Nail Art by @mchops_passions

“Sky Touches the Sea” Nails by

Mother-Daughter Holographic/Unicorn/Bling Nail Art by @naild_by_jaime

Don’t worry if you tagged a nail design and weren’t featured this week; you always have a chance to be chosen no matter when your nail art was tagged! Read the full guidelines and “about” HERE. Tag your nail art on Instagram with #threesixtynailsNBfeature (and/or tag @threesixtynails) for a chance to be featured in future weeks!


Cali, host of threesixtynails

Kandee Johnson Collection by Sinful Colors

This pretty and gorgeous collection from Sinful Colors will satisfy your polish needs, with a variety of textures, finishes, and colors! The brand that always has a fabulous polish for a fabulous price is presenting this brand in two separate collections: Pretty Vintage and Vintage Anime. We’re going to explore the glam colors from the Pretty Vintage today and the Vintage Anime feature will be up tomorrow!

First is “Pink Velvet”, a sugar-texture polish from the Pretty Vintage line. This is a vibrant hot/Barbie pink with the sugar-like glitter in it that’s so beautiful.

“Pin Up Pink” is a bright pink similar to “Pink Velvet”, but this polish has a really chic matte finish. This’ll be perfect for all seasons!

Looking for a perfect matte pastel pink? “Strawberry Milk” is the polish for you! This lovely shade is perfect for Spring, and will be lovely for any special occasion.

Similar to “Strawberry Milk” in color, this beautiful fairy-floss/cotton candy sugar-texture polish is so-so-so glitzy! “Pink Sugar” is a great polish for any season.

Have a sweet nail for cherry red? “Cherry On Top” will polish off (pun intended) your next outfit with a pop of shimmer matte red!

This next one is a beautiful powder blue matte cream called “Candy Hearts”. It’s very elegant and matches up with “Strawberry Milk” perfectly.

“Kanfetti” is your ideal confetti/sparkly glitter mix of pastel pink, blue, and green! So pretty and great for the Spring and Summer.

Matte + vintage + minty green = “Mint Chip”! This one will be FANTASTIC for Spring and Summer as well; this whole collection is fabulous.

“Mint Sugar” is a very unique light-green sugar-texture polish that adds so much glitz to any manicure! Gorgeous, trendy, and fab.

Calling everyone who adores peachy-orange polish! “Peaches N’ Cream” is your perfect peach for Summer and the matte finish is so glam!

“Whipped Frosting” is the most awesome matte white. So creamy and great for nail art!

Matte black with gold shimmer? Yes, please! “Licorice” is your next polish fad.

Fabulous to the max! You can purchase the Kandee Johnson Sinful Colors Collection by clicking the image below; link provided by the threesixtynails Nail Shop!


Cali, host of threesixtynails

threesixtynails Nailstagram Spotlights ~ 5.7.17

TNS is back with five more GORGEOUS nail designs from Nailstagram. Want to be featured? Find out how HERE!

“NAIL IT” Nail Art by @ritzynailartist009

3D Sweet Treat Nails by @sizzling_nails

Kawaii Dessert Nail Mani by @vics_nails

Margarita/Lime Gradient Manicure by @thepolishedpursuit

Holographic Mermaid Nails by @alwayspolished85

Use #threesixtynailsNBfeature on Instagram for a chance to be featured in weeks to come! Good luck!