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threesixtynails Nailstagram Spotlights ~ 4.30.17

On this lovely Sunday, we’ve got five more fantastic nail designs by five more fantastic nail artists! Want to be featured? Read the “About” and “Guidelines” HERE.

Glamorous Holographic Foil Manicure by @sweet_holo

Outer-Space Galaxy Nail Art by @nailpolishsociety

Minimalist Sparkly Floral Manicure by @woods.june.nailart

Orange and Blue Spring Flower Nails by @nailsoshiny

Gold Embellished Lavender Manicure by

Use #threesixtynailsNBfeature, follow @threesixtynails on Instagram, and sign up for Nail Buzz alerts for a chance to be featured! As you can see, last week’s theme was canceled; the new makeup of TNS (threesixtynails Nailstagram Spotlights) is no theme at all, just tons of awesome nail designs. Tune in next week for even more amazing manicures!


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Nail Buzz Exclusive Interview: Sara Russell, founder of PennyBloom

On the blog, some lovely custom nail polishes from PennyBloom were swatched and reviewed; here is part two of that feature, an interview with Sara Russell, the founder, creator, and designer of PennyBloom. So pleased to have collaborated with her on these fun features! Now, onto the interview!

Sara Russell, founder of PennyBloom

↓(Key: bold–interviewer, italics–interviewee)↓

Good morning, Sara! So excited to have you doing this interview for Nail Buzz! Now, let’s get started. First question: What’s the story behind PennyBloom?

The story behind PennyBloom goes back a few years to a moment when my father asked me if it was possible to make your own nail polish. After I told him that it wasn’t possible unless you did a DIY with makeup, he thought we should try to start a business out of it. I was immediately on board, as I’ve always wanted my own business and I have a love for beauty. I run it solo now, but I still have a ton of support from my dad.

That’s so cool! How do you create the custom polishes?

The custom polishes are exactly what it sounds like, 100% custom. So I don’t really create the polishes, I just bring my customers’ idea into reality. It takes longer to make a custom polish than it does stock polishes because you have to make only enough for one bottle and it’s easier to mess up a single bottle than a big batch. But I really love seeing them come to life! When I’m fulfilling the orders, I usually make the polishes with similar ingredients first, it’s just more efficient, and then when I’m done with the days orders, I batch all of the labels together.

What a neat process! The whole polish package is so adorable. What’s your favorite part about your business?

I have to say my favorite part of my business is helping others come up with an awesome polish. My favorite order to date was when a husband bought 5 custom polishes for his wife. He designed them all and came up with names for the polishes that were inside jokes only he and his wife could understand. She posted this on social media and was so ecstatic that her husband had made something so special for her. I thought to myself, this is exactly what I want PennyBloom to be about. Special gifts that have thought, even if that gift is to yourself!

That’s awesome. When was PennyBloom established?

PennyBloom actually started out as Nayll in March 2014. In 2015 I really felt like I needed to rebrand based off of so much business and industry knowledge I had learned. In March of 2017 I officially re-launched as PennyBloom.

Cool history! Okay, so now some more personal questions. What is your favorite nail art trend right now?

I’m really into stamping. I don’t do nail art on myself, but I love seeing what others create. I’ve seen some amazingly intricate designs and I can’t believe people can even do that! I think stamping is a happy medium, a little extra design without the anxiety.

Oh, yes, stamping is a lot of fun and so pretty! How many nail polishes have you designed for/in your brand?

Oh wow, I don’t know if I can even answer this question! Over the life of my business, I’ve probably designed over 100 glitter mixes and most of them end up never being repeated. I think there have been maybe 30 total designs that have ever actually gone up for sale.

Wow! That’s a lot of glitter. If you had to pick one polish from a collection you’ve created to be stranded on an island with, which one would you choose?

Well, I have this amazing sage color that is part of a new collection I’m working on that is by far my favorite ever. It’s of course perfect for the current trends, but I think it’s such a great color for my own skin tone that it will become a classic for me.

Sounds gorgeous! What advice do you have for anyone trying to get into the nail art/polish industry?

Just start! If you want to become a better nail artist, practice practice practice. Look at what others are doing and how they’re presenting their artwork. Also, look for inspiration around you.

If you want to get into the industry as a business owner, there is a lot of trial and error because it’s such a small industry from an indie level and not a lot of resources are out there. Start by paying attention to what other brands are posting on social media, what can you offer that’s different? It’s a wonderful and kind community and totally worth getting into!

That’s such fantastic advice, Sara! Thank you for doing the interview!

To see the swatch and review video and blog post, click HERE or head to the blog. Also, be sure to check out PennyBloom ( HERE where you can shop Sara’s unique polish collections and design your own!


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threesixtynails Nailstagram Spotlights – Spring/Summer Edition

This week, we’ve got five more lovely designs from Instagram, all chosen for a Spring/Summer theme! Want to be featured? Read the about and guidelines HERE!

Pink Paisley Manicure by @sunnipolish

Tropical Beach Nail Art by @sizzling_nails

“Petal to the Metal” Nails by @alwayspolished85

Bright Floral and Glitter Nails by @nailsoshiny

Cute Lady Bug Nail Art by @polish_escape

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threesixtynails Nailstagram Spotlights ~ Easter Edition

A new series on threesixtynails Nail Buzz will be a weekly post featuring five lovely nail art showcases from Instagram! Use #threesixtynailsNBfeature on Instagram for a chance to be featured on Nail Buzz!

Easter Chocolate Nails by @alwayspolished85

Easter Bunny and Water Marble Nails by @nails_by_vicy

Easter-Themed Water Marble Nails by @caitlin_nails

Cute Easter Nails by @miss.flawless_nails

“Happy Easter” Nails by c_c_nails410

Use #threesixtynailsNBfeature and/or tag @threesixtynails in your Instagram posts for a chance to be featured on Nail Buzz next week!


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QUIZ: How likely are you to… Wear Wild Designer Nails?

The nail community is always becoming edgier and more wild, especially with competition designs with acrylic, chrome, nail piercings, embellishments, holographic accessories, and more. Take this quiz to find out how likely you are to wear nails like that! Share your results with #threesixtynailsquiz.


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QUIZ: What’s your Nail Art Style?

There’s such a variety of fun nail art styles in the world, how can you possibly choose which one is yours? Take this quiz to find out! More than one?! Even better! Share your results with #threesixtynailsquiz.


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The Scoop on essie Gel Couture

essie Gel Couture was introduced in Summer 2016 as a super-unique blend of fashion, lasting-color that does not require UV or LED curing, and patent-pending brush. We’ll break down each special feature for you and include some pretty pics of these pretty polishes.

First off, can we just admire the bottle? It’s meant to look (not only amazingly different eye-catching) like a twirling gown or dress. (Shown below: “Zip Me Up”)

Next, the formula. These gels come packed with long-wear color that doesn’t require UV or LED curing like traditional gels. With their special topcoat and no basecoat, these claim to last up to 14 days, able to be removed with regular polish remover/acetone. They come in 6 gorgeous collections, the newest one being essie Gel Couture’s “Bridal” collection.

Finally, the amazing patent-pending brush within these beauty bottles. First, the stem leading from the handle to the brush is twirling just like the Gel Couture bottle. So sweet! Now, the brush has this perfect shape where it fits and curves to your nail and cuticle. With one to three initial strokes, this brush will give you a flawless mani in no time.

Haven’t tried this incredible brand yet? Want some more since you already love it? Shop the Bridal and Ballet Nudes collections, along with other fab essie Gel Couture shades at these links from the threesixtynails Nail Shop:

essie Gel Couture:

Bridal Collection:

Ballet Nudes Collection:


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3 Easy Spring Designs for Beginner Nail Artists

Having some trouble finding some easy designs to rock this Spring if you’re just getting into nail art? You’re covered with these three, then! These make great accent nails, full manis, or mix ‘n’ match!

This one is a pretty twist on the classic French mani; Floral French Tip. Here are three easy steps (all these steps start after a basecoat and stop before a top coat, and don’t include drying time, so only details are included):

#1: Paint your nails with one to two coats of a sheer nude polish

#2: Using a bobby pin or toothpick, make four dots in clusters at the tip/free edge of your nail. Make sure they are connected in the middle.

#3: Finish off with different color dots for centers and some streaks for leaves

Design 2 is a cute butterfly wing-inspired nail; Abstract Butterfly Wing…

#1: Paint your nail two coats of purple polish

#2: Finish by making some stripes (pictured below) and adding white dots

And the final design is cute and grassy-like; Spring Gradient!

#1: Paint three stripes of light green, medium green, and dark green in varying finishes and shades onto a makeup sponge

#2: Sponge these colors once or twice over one coat of your lightest shade of green

Don’t have some of the things you need for these designs? Visit the threesixtynails Nail Shop to find what you need. Share your manis and designs with #threesixtynails and #threesixtynailsnailbuzz!


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Getting a Chrome Mani at Home just got a Whole Lot Easier

Chrome, shift, and holographic powders have been all the rage this season, but some nail artists have been having trouble with them. These powders are worth the mess they generally create because their effect is so stunning. However, China Glaze, long adored nail polish company, has recently released a break-through product to toss some ease into this 2017 nail trend with their Designer Chrome Press-On (pre-glued) Nails! Let’s chat about the three available finishes…

First up are their Silver Chrome Nails. The finish on these is INCREDIBLE and super eye-catching. These pre-glued nails come in 14 sizes, and one pack of 28 will generally last for one to two manicures. These do not require a base or top coat, but a super-thin layer of base coat may help with keeping your nail bed clean and helping the glue on the back of the nail to stick. Depending on nail stress, these may last with some wear-and-tear up to one week. And these have such a stunning mirror effect; you can literally see your face in them!

Gold Chrome Nails; these are so cool, and look so royal and are dripping with gorgeousness! Match these to your favorite jewelry for a cool look, and add some edge to your outfit. As with the others, they don’t require a base or top coat, but a thin base may be applied as you see fit. These are just $10 a pack, as well!

Lastly, Holographic Nails with such a neat, rainbow, shimmery, holo-to-the-max finish. These would be an awesome accessory for any season! Like before, 14 sizes and doesn’t require a base or top coat, but a thin base coat is optional. These are so gorgeous, and so unique, just like the others; they’re all amazing!

All of these nail packets are available exclusively at Sally Beauty Supply stores (not online) and they are limited edition, so get your hands (and nails) on them while you can! Share your manis with #threesixtynails, #threesixtynailsnailbuzz, #chinaglaze, #chinaglazeofficial, and #SallyBeauty.


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Zoya Nail Polish Charming Collection (Spring 2017) 

Shopping around for some girly, nature-esque, and soft polish for Spring? Then the Zoya Charming Collection for 2017 is just for you! Zoya, creator of so many gorgeous polishes, have created 3 cute cremes and 3 sweet shimmers. Let’s talk about the polishes in the collection (there are some lovely lipsticks, too) so you know how fabulous these lacquers are…

The first one we’re spotlighting is called “Jordan” and is a soft pastel-pink with a hint of lavender. It’s perfect for Spring, Easter, or any other pretty and sweet floral mani. So cute!

Now we have “Tina”, a lovely grape-purple creme that will be awesome for any season. I see peony designs in this polish’s future! (PS: Happy National Flower Day! It was yesterday!)

We’re ending the creme reviews with Abby, the perfect lilac/lavender creme for all the Spring nail art in you’re future. Plus, this doubles as a winter color! Win-win!

Shimmer time! This first one is really unique and it’s called “Lacey”; super-shimmery, dusty/light green, and perfect for warm weather. Polish collectors: this one’s for you!

Sky blue shimmer has got to be a new trend; get ahead of the awesomeness with “Amira”, a regal and light-blue polish that you’ll love this for the Summer!

Finally is this next unique shimmery polish, a glam fuchsia called “Millie”. So pretty!

Check out these polishes for Spring and Summer! Share you manis with #threesixtynails, #threesixtynailsnailbuzz, and #everydayzoya!


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BREAKING NEWS: Scented Top Coats by Mini Mani Moo

In the summer of 2016, Mini Mani Moo, creator of Mess No More! ™ Liquid Tape, released some fabulous break-through top coats: Cookie Dough Scented Glossy Top Coat and Berry Matte-ness ™ Scented Matte Top Coat. Lots of people in the nail art world have been informed of these top coats by now, a little under a year hence the release, but if not, here is the info you need to know about these top coats with a delicious fragrance. (PS: Happy #NationalFragranceDay!)

Let’s discuss the Cookie Dough one first. This loveliness is a glossy topcoat, and bonus, it’s fast-drying! The scent applied instead of the usual nail polish-y smell is a yummy cookie dough fragrance that’s way better than the usual harsh scent of polish and top coats. Another awesome thing about this is that it is 5 free (toluene, DBP, formaldehyde, fomaldehyde resin, and camphor). One final element of fabulousness: this top coat is just $10!!

Now we’ll talk about the berry matte-ness one. This is a matte top coat that receives rave reviews, not only on scent, but on the quality of the matte finish. Again, this has a fragrance of berry cobbler gorgeousness rather than harsh scents that top coats and polish generally have. This one is also 5 free and is $10 only!

These top coats are awesome (and a great way to celebrate #NationalFragranceDay!) and so is Mini Mani Moo. They are a super-unique and innovative brand that is up and coming with their break-through products including these top coats, Moo Gel ™ Peel Off Base Coat, Mess No More! ™, and more fabulous goodies. Shop these scented top coats at these links below:

Cookie Dough Scented Top Coat from the Nail Shop:

Berry Matte-ness ™ Scented Top Coat from Mini Mani Moo:


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5 Awesome Shortcuts to Shorten your Manicure Time

Rushing out the door with wet nails? Getting impatient after your first hand of nails is complete? Tired of waiting for your polish to dry between coats? Here are 5 awesome shortcuts that will get your nails done way quicker!

1. Apply thin coats of nail polish

Thicker coats of nail polish will take way longer to dry than thin ones. Try wiping off one side of your polish brush, then painting the necessary coats very thinly to your nails. You’ll find you’re not waiting as long for your polish to dry!

2. Once you’re finished polishing, dip your nails in ice water

Let your final coat of polish sit for a minute, then fill up a bowl (one that you don’t use for cooking) with cold water. Then add a bunch of ice cubes. Carefully set your nails in and let them sit in the ice water for about 3-5 minutes. Again, carefully, remove your nails and dry them off delicately on a paper towel. Don’t forget topcoat!

3. Use a fast-drying topcoat

Let your coats of polish (preferably thin application) sit for 2-3 minutes, then carefully apply a generous coat of fast-drying topcoat. The trick to not smearing your polish or design is to not let the topcoat brush touch your nail. Just glide the topcoat over the nail in three swipes and you’re all done. Don’t forget to cap the free edge of your nail (the tip) if you can!

4. Use a hairdryer’s COOL and LOW settings

Make sure that the hairdryer isn’t too close to your nails and that it is on the COOL and LOW settings. Carefully wave it over your nails, but not so close or with so much force that it causes ripples, dents, and bubbles in the polish.

5. Apply drying drops over your polish between coats

Using a super-small amount with a drying drop product, use it between coats of polish and it will shorten the wait!

If these were helpful and you use them in your next mani, be sure to tag your post on Instagram with #threesixtynails and/or #threesixtynailsnailbuzz!


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6 Gorgeous Nails that Rocked the Runway during New York Fashion Week

There were so many amazing nail polish brands and nail artists attending New York Fashion week this year, as per usual, and they didn’t disappoint one bit. These designs are a mix of trendy, edgy, classic, and really snazzy. Plus, most of them are easy to re-create at home!

1. Personality Polish from Zoya

For a unique touch to the Mara Hoffman collection, Zoya decided to pair up some fun shades with each model’s personality. Very creative and expressive!

2. Simple Gray Mani from China Glaze preferably

The other show that China Glaze assisted was in such contrast to this one. While they adorned the Hayley Elsaesser models in wild and fun “My Little Pony”-inspired nail art, they kept it classic by complimenting the Proenza Schouler collection with a sweet gray manicure.

3. Mock Stud Mani from essie

This look was paired with the Alice + Olivia collection, and complimented it perfectly. This design is an easy way to obtain a simple studded look without the bulky accessories.

4. Deconstructed Hashtag Nail Art by KISS

The hashtag shape has been increasingly popular in the last five to ten years, and at 2017 NYFW, KISS gave it a makeover by creating the Deconstructed Hashtag look for the Bibhu Mohapatra collection. This simple, yet edgy, mani is created with glitter from their Salon Secrets Nail Art Starter Kit and Nail Artist Paints in black, and it is stunning.

5. Mosaic Confetti Nails by KISS

KISS really amped it up this season with an edgy and glitzy mosaic manicure for the Naeem Khan show. Through combining elements of their Salon Secrets Nail Art Starter Kit and imPress Press-On Manicure (“Text Appeal”), they created this glam and unique nail art for these NYFW models.

6. Gypsy Art Nails by CND

Artsy nail designs are generally seen in out-of-this-world nail art competitions, but CND brought the fabulousness to the NYFW runway this year while pairing with the Libertine collection. Using inspiration from hand-crafted embroidery pieces by Uzbekistani village women and the fashion sense of Romanian gypsies, they create these wow-worthy 3D designs with jewelry, feathers, and other unique materials. These glammed up the collection even more and the models wore it fantastically.

You may need tons of professional and high-end materials for the very last look on this list, but to create the rest of these fun looks at home, you can shop the materials for #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5 at these links from the threesixtynails Nail Shop:

Zoya Nail Polish

China Glaze: Pelican Gray

essie Black and Gold Polish

KISS: Salon Secrets Nail Art Starter Kit + Stripe Rite: Black

KISS: Salon Secrets Nail Art Starter Kit + imPress Press On Manicure “Text Appeal”


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Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer Beauty and the Beast Collection

So many amazing collections have been introduced in 2017, and a really neat one is the Morgan Taylor Beauty and the Best Collection. This award-winning brand has created six beautiful colors, plus a unique bonus topper, that are available in regular nail lacquer and their Gelish gel formula. Let’s explore these unique colors…

The first is an iridescent yellow creme called “Days in the Sun”. This color is perfect for springtime and Easter. Plus, a Belle-inspired mani might work, too.

The next is a classic blue creme called “Gaston and On and On”. It’s a nice sky blue and looks like a fabulous beachy shade. I can see Belle adoring this color, hence her opening outfits in both movies.

This lovely lacquer is called “Potts of Tea” and is an iridescent alabaster. Mrs. Potts would be so proud of this polish; a snowy mani would be fabulous, as well.

“Plumette With Excitement” is a light/baby-pink creme that Belle’s style in a more snowy scene would speak to. This polish is great for spring and would make a lovely floral mani.

“Be Our Guest” is an almost-hot pink creme that is an awesome color for summer and/or some rosy nail art. A classic that will pop on the nail.

To end off the lacquers in this collection is “The Last Petal”, which is a pearlescent red polish that has a dash of shimmer. This polish is fantastic for a classic red manicure or some interesting nail art. A half-moon or Beauty and the Best accent nail would be good options, too.

A super unique polish was added to this collection, and it’s called “Enchanted Patina”. This is a topper that creates an antique and almost-coppery finish over any polish. “Enchanted Patina” works beautifully with all the polishes in this collection, and it will be fun to try with all the polishes in your collection. Especially for a polish collector, this is really special.

The Beauty and the Beast Collection by Morgan Taylor is certainly a unique and fun spread of colors, so, follow the links from the threesixtynails Nail Shop below to purchase this collection in the regular or Gelish formula.

Regular Lacquer + Gelish Duo Packs:

Gelish Gel Full Collection: