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As mentioned, here on my site, you can find so much awesome content; if you’re a nail tech, nail artist, nail enthusiast, DIY nail artist, or any type of nail-obsessed person, then this site should supply everything you could ask for. First, the blog; it features 1-3 posts per week, including nail polish picks, tags, tips for being a successful nail artist [with a blog, Instagram, YouTube, etc.], product reviews, and more. Subscribe HERE so you don’t miss a post.

Nail Mall
The Nail Mall is bursting with all of your nail art essentials and goodies, from chrome mirror powder to cookie-dough-scented topcoats to the most lovely shades of nail polish, and more. You know how sometimes you have to search department stores and/or online polish-specific stores? Ugh; annoying right? Well, that ends with the threesixtynails Nail Mall (powered by Amazon.com) where you can find all nail-tastic goodies in one place. It’s simple to grab your favorites by simply choosing your links and checking out on Amazon.com.

Nail Buzz
threesixtynails Nail Buzz is “a polished outlook of news that nailed it”, a news feed where I post articles, quizzes, and more, keeping you up-to-date on nail news. The biggest thing on there, though, might just be “threesixtynails Nailstagram Spotlights”. This is a weekly/monthly article where I select five nail art designs from Instagram and feature them. See THIS PAGE to learn about how YOU could be featured!

Nail Support
threesixtynails Nail Support features a page with an email address (have some nail questions? email me!), tips (need some immediate tips for basic nail issues? check the list!), and essentials (some goodies from the Nail Mall that’ll help you care for your finger canvases). I’m always happy to assist you whether your nails are splitting and you don’t know why or if you’re choosing between one pink polish and another pink polish. Also, feel free to DM your Nail Support questions to me on Instagram!

threesixtynailsTV is the official threesixtynails.com YouTube channel, your destination for ALL THINGS NAILS…in video format! There are 1-2 videos put up per week (with an occasional bonus!). Subscribe and turn on notifications HERE so you don’t miss a single video!

There is SOOOOO much more to explore on threesixtynails.com, so check out the rest of the site! The fun (and all things nails) never ends here! 🙂

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Love threesixtynails.com? Be sure to follow @threesixtynails on Instagram and Twitter; this is your way to know immediately when new stuff happens on this site. You’ll receive post notifications, site news, collab/mani swap-type goodies, and bonus content that isn’t often featured on the site. Inspired by threesixtynails nail art and/or manis? Use #threesixtynails so I can see your beautiful re-creations and/or inspired designs! Re-creations tagged with #threesixtynails will be featured in the @threesixtynails Instagram Story and on Twitter!

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