NEW threesixtynails All Things Nails Tag

Hey, Polished People! I hope you had a fantastic week. I had an idea a while ago, since I enjoy doing tags, to create my own! As a start, I tag Alli Evette, bonitajuanita, and Moon Baby Nails. But, guess what?! I also tag all of YOU, all my Polished People, to do this tag, too! So if you do this tag on your blog, YouTube, Instagram, other social media, or on a piece of paper at home, tag me, comment, or email, so I can feature you!

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My Top 10 Underrated Nail Polishes ~ NEW on!

Good afternoon, everyone! I adore nail artist/polish tags (ex. overrated nail polish, you might be a nail polish fanatic if…, unpopular nail polish opinions, etc.) so I thought I’d take it upon myself to do one that I was really interested in: Underrated Nail Polish. I have so many beautiful polishes that I think deserve more hype than they currently have, so I want to share their amazing-ness with you! Let’s go!

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TAG: #polishtag2017 by @fabnaturalnails ~ Polish Your Luck on Instagram

Good evening, everybody! I’m going to be easing into switching up the blog schedule, so instead of the usual Friday tutorial video, it will now be TWO NEW VIDEOS on Tuesday and Thursday on the threesixtynailsTV YouTube channel (subscribe HERE!). However, there will still be a Friday post! Today’s post is a tag that @fabnaturalnails on Instagram created, called #polishtag17. Let’s get to it!

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