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Pretty-for-the-Prom Manicure Series, Week 4: Elegant Black Lace Nails + BONUS How-To for a Gradient French Manicure ~ Products/Tools List Presentation Updates

Good evening, everybody! In the final edition of the Pretty-for-the-Prom Manicure Series, you’ll be learning how to design your very own elegant black lace nails, plus I’ve included a BONUS how-to for a gradient french manicure. Both of these are very trendy, timeless, and classy… oh, and perfect for the prom, too!! ☺ So, let’s start with the lovely lace nails…

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Pretty-for-the-Prom Manicure Series, Week 1: Glitter Manicure ~ New Nail Trend! ~ Updates and News

Good morning, everybody! I’m happy to be back on the normal schedule after a week where I was able to take some time for Instagram (@threesixtynails) attention. My Disney Princess Collaboration (celebrating 100 followers!) is coming up on April 15th; thank you to all the creative ladies who are participating and creating such fabulous manicures! Also, it’s funny that the day of the collaboration for 100 followers is coming up when @threesixtynails has almost hit 200. ☺ I’m so happy that I can share the fun of nail art with so many people. So, onto today’s post. We’re starting a new series to get you girls ready for the prom! Today’s mani is…

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