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TUTORIAL VIDEO: 4 Easiest Ever Ice Cream Nail Designs ~ Perfect for Summer!

Good evening, everyone! You guys really enjoyed last week’s tutorial video, Easiest Ever Beach Nails, so I decided to make a new series out of it (we’re changing the name of the series from “15 minute Nail Art” to “Easiest Ever Nail Art”) and add another installment this week…with ICE CREAM being the inspiration. ☺ These designs are great for the Summer and they’re so fun and easy to create. Let’s get down to business!

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*TRIPLE-STUFFED ALL THINGS NAILS POST* How To: Perfectly Pink Mani ~ Products of the Week: Inexpensive Nail Polishes that really Shine, Part 2 ~ Tutorial Video: Easiest EVER Beach Nails ~ Thank you so SO much for 1000+ followers on Instagram!!!

Good morning, everyone! Instead of a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule this week, you’ll have your nail art step-by-step, products of the week, and video tutorial in one super-fun post. Let’s jump right into it!

First up, you’ll be learning how to create the manicure I posted on Instagram last week. It’s great for all seasons and is very, very pretty. Below is the step-by-step and the Polishes/Tools list. Enjoy!

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