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Disney Descendants 2 Nail Art Series: Ben and Audrey + 4 things you’ll only notice in “Descendants” and “Descendants 2” when you watch them for the millionth time

Good afternoon, all! The pair that won the vote last week was Ben and Audrey, so I’m showing you how to create these two Auradon royals… in nail art. 🙂 Plus, for some added bonuses within the threesixtynails Pop Culture Series, I’ll be sharing “4 things you’ll only notice when you’ve watched both Descendants movies for the millionth time” with you! Let’s go!

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Disney Descendants 2 Nail Art Series: Mal and Evie ~ threesixtynails Pop Culture Series ~ Step-by-Step

Good afternoon, everybody! I’m so excited for today’s post, as it’s the start of two new series that I adore: the Disney Descendants 2 Nail Art Series and the threesixtynails Pop Culture Series. The Pop Culture Series will feature nail art inspired by pop culture such as movies, books, brands, video games, and more! Plus, you’ll get some info and pics about/from the movie to go along with the nail art. If you have any requests for nail art in the Pop Culture Series, comment anytime or send me an email: admin@threesixtynails.com. Okay, onto today’s design!

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