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Beginner Nail Artist’s Handbook, Edition 1: Nail Polish ~ Polish Essentials you can find for under $12!

Good morning, everybody! Today, in place of traditional Products of the Week, I’m bringing you the first edition of a new series: Beginner Nail Artist’s Handbook. These posts will be dedicated to helping new nail artists get started with their nail art, from showing you how to build up a collection for an inexpensive amount of money to teaching you simple designs to the start with. They will be a little longer than usual, because I want to make sure you have a wealthy amount of details and info to refer to when picking out your tools/polish. Also, this post is not sponsored by any of the polishes I’m mentioning. Today, I’ll be showing you how you can build up a collection of basic polishes for under $12! Yes, it can be done. ☺ So, let’s get started!

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