I’m so happy with today’s nails. For today’s “inspired by a movie” prompt, I just HAD to choose my all-time favorite movie of 2019: Abominable! This movie has such gorgeous animation, a funny and emotional story, excellent characters, and is just overall a must-see experience. Here is my mani featuring Everest and some of the colors seen on the movie poster.

Here are the polishes I used…

“Snow Me White” – Sinful Colors

“Saint” – Zoya

“Cotton Candy” – Sally Hansen [Insta-Dri]

“Melon” – Sally Hansen [Insta-Dri]

“Stone Mountain” – Music City Beauty

“Acapella Ella” – Sinful Colors

“Do You Sea What I Sea?” – OPI

“Songbird Serenade” – China Glaze

Any ideas for Day 24: A Book? Comment below and I’ll see you tomorrow! 🙂

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Cali G.

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